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🔴 Watch Premium Julia Garner In The Assistant (2019) Subtitle English

watch premium julia garner in the assistant (2019) subtitle english
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Date: 2020-02-27 14:56:59
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Jane lives in New York and works as an assistant to a powerful film producer. Every day is the first to arrive at the office and prepare materials for colleagues. All men, or almost. Jane prints the agendas of the day, organizes trips, brings lunch, rearranges the desks, welcomes aspiring actresses, accompanies girls to hotels who might blow her place simply because they are beautiful. But she is not the type of the boss, the human resources manager reassures her, and therefore she has nothing to fear: she will never sit on her sofa late at night, when the offices are closed. Late in the evening, Jane leaves the palace alone and returns home, ready the next day to return so as not to miss the great opportunity that has happened to her.

A day in the life of an ordinary woman, subtly harassed by colleagues and witness of a form of sexism that is both creeping and pervasive, accepted for interest or conviction.

The protagonist of The Assistant, the thirty-year-old Jane, is an anonymous figure probably present in every workplace. Graduated from a prestigious college, good-looking but not flashy, reserved in the ways, she is forced to carry out a humiliating job that does not respect her qualifications and in many cases exceeds her duties. Jane witnesses a representation of power based on two elements: male authority as an acquired fact and ambition as a common goal. Its history concerns the world of cinema, the city of New York, American society, but in general the world in which we live. It is the story of a violence of man against woman, of the powerful over the fragile, of the system over the individual.

The film is so effective that it is almost elementary. The director Kitty Green, already author in 2013 of the documentary on Femen, Ukraine Is Not in Brothel, and in 2015 of Casting JonBenet, takes on the protagonist with frontal or lateral plans that show her bewilderment and solitude in alienating spaces, in offices, corridors, waiting rooms, rear seats of standard cars.

The sense of the work he does is dispersed in the hundreds of details he observes, ears or reads as part of a system governed by a powerful and invisible figure and has no control over anyone: neither is Jane herself, subtly harassed by anyone and humiliating herself even when his skill is not recognized, nor are his colleagues of various orders and degrees, also part of a machine that proceeds automatically with the silent agreement of its members.

At the key moment of the film, Jane also tries to denounce something she witnessed - perhaps an abuse of power over a very young girl - but the uncertainty of what she saw, the result of established habits and customs, can only bring to nothing done. Jane is destined to silence, invisibility, and in this sense the choice to entrust the part to Julia Garner is perfect, very good at hiding her beauty, in dampening features, in containing her voice. Her anonymous heroine is the symbol of a battle for women that goes far beyond Hollywood neo-feminism, to which The Assistant belongs too (years ago films like Secretary were made on a similar subject ...). In her, in her subtle despair, Kitty portrayed a body behind a window; a single figure in the window of a diner; a woman of the system who accepts to be crushed, while on the other side of the door, behind other windows, the power proceeds undisturbed.

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