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watch weathering with you (2019) hd
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Date: 2020-02-27 23:05:34
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Weathering with You seems to be the embodiment of Makoto Shinkai's great ambitions, who after the success of Your Name earned $ 361 million three years ago, may feel able and / or need to make something bigger, both in terms of story, stretcher message, to fantasy elements. That ambition is unfortunately present prematurely, so that even though it remains a beautiful visual parade, Weathering with You loses the magical touch and intimacy that is always hypnotizing in Makoto's previous works.

It is still a matter of the romance of a pair of teenagers wrapped in a spice of fantasy that brings them together before finally threatening their togetherness. Once upon a time, Hodaka (Kotaro Daigo) was determined to escape to Tokyo from his home on a remote island. Still under age (16 years old), Hodaka had difficulty finding work, and it did not take long for him to starve. Luckily, help was obtained from Keisuke "Kei" Suga (Shun Oguri), the man who had saved Hodaka when he was nearly drowned on the ferry.

Kei hires Hodaka as an assistant in his small magazine company that writes about things that are occult and fantasy. Also working there was Natsumi (Tsubasa Honda), a girl Hodaka suspected of being Kei's mistress. Together with Natsumi, Hodaka hunted for news, including the figure of the Sunshine Girl, who was said to make the weather clear just by praying. Incidentally, at that time Tokyo was in the midst of relentless rain.

Hodaka didn't expect the myth to be real. Moreover, the "sun girl" was apparently Hina (Nana Mori) who had given him food one night. Seeing Hina's economic difficulties due to having to support her younger sister, Nagi (Sakura Kiryu) alone, Hodaka came up with an idea to make Hina's ability as a source of livelihood. They began to receive requests from people who needed sunny weather. "Rain handler" if according to our people.

Basically, Weathering with You still keeps Makoto's favorite formula that still admires the universe, related to how natural (abnormal) phenomena affect the most mysterious phenomena in human life: love. Wrapped in visuals that almost touch the realm of photorealistic and music by the Radwimps rock band that effectively tunes the mood, Makoto creates a world where the sun's rays from behind the clouds are beautiful gifts that give birth to happiness.

In the realm of writing, Makoto is still good at creating characters with the ability to steal hearts. Hina didn't just return the light to Tokyo, she also seemed to glow. A cheerful girl who not only ignited the spirit of Hodaka, also killed lives for the film. I am somewhat disturbed by the character of Hodaka who is often the media to throw perverted humor, but what else can I do? Not all filmmakers are as brave as Hayao Miyazaki about refusing to facilitate fan service culture. Another unnecessary example of fan service is the cameo of the two protagonists Your Name, which instead of reinforcing the narrative gives distraction.

Unfortunately, this time around Makoto's plot isn't as strong as his character. He was too ambitious to include big elements to broaden the scope of the story, which ended up stripping away the intimacy of romance. Weathering with You is no longer about the Hodaka-Hina relationship only when the conflict involves a police investigation, a subplot about the Kei family, to criticism related to climate change triggered by human activity.

Makoto seemed inconvenienced in handling his own ambitions, as a result many elements of storytelling were left hanging without explanation. The pistol that Hodaka found, for example, was too random, like a lazy way out to complicate matters. As for the issue of climate change, Makoto has never explicitly thrown the criticism, making the conclusion misplaced and at the same time disarming the emotional impact. Yes, Weathering with You is a beautiful visual parade typical of Makoto Shinkai, only this time it lacks flavor.

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