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🔴 Watch Premium Onward (2020) Streaming Online 1080p Subtitle English France Italy

watch premium onward (2020) streaming online 1080p subtitle english france italy
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Date: 2020-02-28 11:32:30
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Through Onward, Pixar has re-created their own imaginative world. Imagine Zootopia, but replace animals that behave and live like humans, with mythological creatures. Unicorns scramble for food in the trash like wild cats, dragons replace the role of dogs as pets, centaurs work as police, and others. And in a world of rows of magical creatures, there is no magic in the form of magic as we always see in various fantasy stories that involve them.

watch premium onward (2020) streaming online 1080p subtitle english france italy

More precisely, magic has disappeared, replaced by technology that is more practical use. No need to cast a spell, no need to go through intense training. Interesting concept, although it is difficult to dispel hopes that the manuscript made by Dan Scanlon (Monsters University) with Keith Bunin (Horns) and Jason Headley (A Bad Idea Gone Wrong) further explores the workings of his world, as always excellence of Pixar's best titles.

In this world our protagonist lives. His name is Ian (Tom Holland), a teenage elf who is awkward in socializing. His sister, Barley (Chris Pratt) is obsessed with world history, especially magic and his magical adventures. While her mother, Laurel (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), after her husband died, was in a relationship with the centaur police, Colt Bronco (Mel Rodriguez).

Ian had never met his father, and could only know him through Barley's stories, several photographs, and a cassette containing his recorded voice. Heart like pricked when he saw Ian create an imaginary chat with his father using the tape. If the moment feels honest and intimate, maybe because the idea of ​​Scanlon's own story can be from personal experience when he was a teenager, he received a recording of his late father's voice from a relative.

Then to coincide with Ian's 16th birthday, Laurel gave a surprise. A gift from his father. Even more surprising, because the gift is a wand with spells that can raise the dead for a day. But due to lack of experience, Ian only managed to restore his father's feet. So, Ian and Barley must race against time, on a mission to restore their father as a whole.

Throughout the mission that brought the two of them together with various obstacles, ranging from the fairy motorcycle gang, to a secret cave full of puzzles and traps, Ian helped train his abilities as a young wizard. The existence of witchcraft (and fantasy elements in general), helps Onward appear fresher, even though the plot carries the standard road trip movie standard. Specifically about spectacles, where Scanlon showed rapid development as a director after undergoing his debut seven years ago.

Supported by captivating visuals that help liven up his imaginative world (though not the best visual product of Pixar), Scanlon presents an exciting adventure, which involves exciting action and a simple puzzle-solving process. Magic is often a way to solve problems, but it does not end up as an (too) easy way out, because Onward ensures that Ian must learn and grow first. As a result, the big battle at the climax becomes extraordinarily satisfying, because that's where our protagonist finally proves its development after a long process.

Holland and Pratt had no difficulty in reviving awkward teenage figures and eccentric young men, given that such roles have been performed several times. The same thing applies to Pixar, known as the champion of churning out the feelings of the audience. Here, even a small scene like a pair of legs touching each other can be so meaningful. It is precisely this big moment, which is expected to give the peak of emotion, might not be acceptable to all audiences.

First, it needs to be understood first, what message Onward wants to convey. As the title suggests, this is a story about stepping forward. Not about chasing the past, but how the past is useful for the present and the future. The figure of the father who was gone (past) helped Ian realize how valuable Barley (the present). Witchcraft (past), contributes to the growth and development process of Ian (the future). While in the family sphere, Onward invites to pay more attention to loved ones who are still beside us, instead of sinking into the longing for another beloved figure who has died.

In terms of emotional impact, the resolution may be considered anticlimactic, or even betrayed, by some viewers, though in fact, the choice of conclusions is in accordance with the purpose of the film. It seems that Onward is also a form of personal therapy for Scanlon himself. Can be understood. BUT, the film is already flocking with expectations that involve the heart. And after all that, it's not wrong if there are viewers who feel cheated. Borrowing the Javanese term, what Onward did was "true ning ora pemenger".

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