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🔴 Stream 4k Molly Shannon And Alison Brie In Horse Girl (2020) Full Movie

stream 4k molly shannon and alison brie in horse girl (2020) full movie
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Uploaded by: vernelle
Date: 2020-02-29 01:04:22
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Presented at the Sundance Film Festival on January 27, 2020, Horse Girl is a sui generis thriller, distributed by Netflix and available on the streaming platform. It is directed by Jeff Baena and written by the director with four hands together with Alison Brie, the star of the TV series Glow, here also the absolute protagonist of the film. At the center of the story is Sarah, a socially lonely girl suffering from a psychic disorder that is gradually intensifying. He spends his days divided between working in a craft shop and his particular hobbies, such as the Purgatory television series on which he makes strange fantasies, the zumba course and visits to his old horse kept in a riding stable by a new owner. Her relationship difficulties are evident starting from the relationship with her roommate, who also tries to find a love interest, and from the inability to relate to her classmates in fitness classes. When she starts dating a guy she likes the situation, it gets worse instead of getting better. Sarah begins to have lucid dreams that go beyond the initial sleepwalking and her reality mixes with fantasy becoming indistinguishable, intensifying her belief of being a clone of her grandmother or a victim of an alien abduction.

Horse Girl starts with good premises which are however developed in a weak and confusing way

The film starts from a potentially interesting starting point, presenting itself as a work with a somewhat indie taste that stages a girl with a borderline personality within her world and her daily life, struggling with routine and with her personal problems . As the story is composed, it is enriched with further elements straddling the psychological and the surreal, intensifying the drama of the story that is disrupted in its linearity, with the second part of the film where the overlapping of reality and dream is built on of a tense and anxious atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the development of Horse Girl's premises does not stand up to the expectations that are posed, due to a script that excessively loads the narrative of elements and is unable to keep together the overall ranks of the speech undertaken. The result is a confusing set of ideas, where at the beginning it can also be pleasant to get lost in the psychosis of the protagonist but which becomes disappointing and unsatisfactory once you realize that the film does not take a clear path, remaining suspended in too comfortable an ambiguity. The result is therefore a severed job, which pays for a lack of courage in better defining its message and its destination.

Jeff Baena's film has positive elements in the excellent interpretation of Alison Brie and in the delicate tone with which she addresses the matter of sanity

The noble will to build a reasoning on the theme of mental health is evident, with an accusatory form towards US politics, guilty of having favored harmful situations in the past and of not being able to provide adequate solutions even in the present. However, this reflection is only sketched, remaining in power and being suffocated by the sub-plots accumulated during the narration, which overload the film without bringing it to a real solution.

Horse Girl however also expresses positive elements, starting from a delicate and extremely respectful tone of the story of the object of its narration and from an all in all well thought-out atmosphere both in its lightest and darkest part. The most significant pivot of the whole work, however, is certainly the interpretation - this really succeeded - of Alison Brie. The actress manages to empathize deeply with her character and to give it that thickness that the text lacks. It accompanies us in a surprising transformation from the initial radiance to total suffering, expressed through a convincing physicality and a mutation of the facial expressions that dig into Sarah's disturbed psyche.

Horse Girl is unable to construct a coherent discourse on the topic addressed by getting lost in the plots of an undecided script

However, this performance is not enough to stand alone the fate of a lame film, which starts from an intriguing base but fails to complete what it would like to express. Between time travel, alien conspiracies, amnesia and mental disorders the film twists getting lost within himself as his protagonist. The problem is certainly not the oneiric element and the mixture of truth and imagination, indeed treated adequately could have been the real strength of the film. For severely weaken the stimulus is initially switched directional indecision and confusion caused by too many ambiguities and excess of raids in the supernatural, which dampens the credibility of a coherent discourse on mental illness, generating more questions than it can support and missing too many answers.

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