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🔴 Wacth Best Drama Ashley Brooke, Bella Higginbotham, Charlie Shotwell, Johanna Colon, And Milan Ray In Troop Zero (2019) 4k Streaming Hd Full Free

wacth best drama ashley brooke, bella higginbotham, charlie shotwell, johanna colon, and milan ray in troop zero (2019) 4k streaming hd full free
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Uploaded by: westley
Date: 2020-02-29 01:31:46
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A little girl, with all her peculiarities and oddities, who faces the hostile world; but always with the certainty that even if it is difficult to fight for your desires, there will always be someone to do it with us. The review of Troop Zero, a new original Amazon film, directed by the directors Bert & Bertie, speaks of this. This drama-comedy is inspired by the screenplay for King of the Wild Land, directed by Benh Zeitlin and written by Zeitlin and Lucy Alibar, and by an Alibar play, entitled Christmas and Jubilee Behold The Meteor Shower.

The cast includes Viola Davis (Doubt, Suicide Squad, Very Loud Incredibly Close), Mckenna Grace (Ready Player One, Captain Marvel, The Haunting) and Allison Janney (The Help, Tonya, The Girl on the Train). Small curiosity: the film speaks of a gold disc to be engraved and sent to space. In reality, two discs were actually shipped in 1977 together with Voyager 1 and Voyager 2, with messages from the children of the world engraved on them.

The plot - Troop Zero review

Christmas Flint (Mckenna Grace) attends elementary school and is considered a "weird". In fact, she doesn't have many friends, even if she keeps busy alone or goes looking for the trusty Joseph. He too was made fun of by everyone because of his keen interest in "girlish things". He lives with his father Ramsey, a bankrupt lawyer who loves her but who delegates the care to the secretary Miss Rayleen (Viola Davis).

Christmas after the death of her mother, she took refuge in her passion for the sky: she is convinced that those who die on Earth end up in dust of stars, and for this reason they stand with their noses up to scrutinize the darkness whenever they can. Without forgetting the signs to communicate with aliens, which is sure to exist, somewhere in the universe. When he finds out that through a competition organized by the Birdie Scout Group it is possible to record his own voice and send it into space, he knows what to do. Recruit teammates and win the biggest opportunity of your life. To be somewhat closer to the extraterrestrial creatures and to the mother.

The main message (and dealt with in anything but trivial) that the Troop Zero conveys concerns the way in which we should face the world. Christmas is used to a lonely life, very few friends and a naive father. She is teased by her classmates for incontinence problems due to the trauma of maternal death and her over-the-top appearance. His friend Joseph is also targeted, because instead of playing football he prefers to do ladies' hair and talk about fashion. The group that Christmas gives birth to participate in the scout retreat is a whole program: a super religious one-eyed girl; one that expresses itself in verse and destroys everything it finds; another that threatens other companions to give her money and candy, like the most classic of bullies.

Each of them looks and faces the world according to their experiences and habits. For those who believe that in life one should never expect anything to avoid suffering, another prefers to bang the head a thousand times before giving up. This is exactly how we should try to overcome obstacles. With your head held high, without giving up and convincing us that there is still some good in people. Some think that if something unpleasant happens to us, the fault is ours alone; that the condition in which we are born is destined to remain that forever. For every person who has this vision, the world gets a little uglier. And if they "lock us in a locker", we should try to get out of it with determination and the desire to leave aside grudge and hatred. To focus on what makes you happy.

How difficult is it nowadays not to be beaten down by those who use us, exploit us and harm us? Those who already have an unflattering consideration of themselves, will find in people who love to sink others the confirmation of being nothing. Not to deserve happiness and not even try to achieve it. That any effort would be futile and that things were born to remain as they are. The directors tell us about the situation of the protagonist as opposed to the envy and malice of Miss Massey, godmother of the scouts, and of the school bullies. They show us a little girl who, despite a mourning, an absent father and a physical problem that causes her discomfort, manages to interact with the world with dreamy eyes and an encouraging smile.

That does not even stop to humans, but reaches the stars, since Christmas dreams of coming into contact with alien life forms one day. It was included in the Zero crew, a number that could represent nullity. She sees it as the symbol of infinity and as a further push to show everyone that they are wrong. That she and her friends have the same right to earn happiness. Desiring things frightens, and it would be easier not to expect anything and to drag deeply those who are more fragile than us. But do you want to put the satisfaction of doing it, and share the victory with those you love? The film teaches us that those who do good in the end never lose us (see what happens to the father with the registration fee, before the scout retreat). And that if you never let them bring you down, one day you will be the only one left standing.

Technical comments - Troop Zero review

Already from the first scenes, we are introduced into the atmosphere which will then be that of the whole film: fairytale, at times melancholic and very sweet, which adopts the naive point of view of the protagonist. A fixed internal focus therefore, which looks at the world of adults with incomprehension but determination to understand the reason for their actions, sometimes bad or simply unjustified. That it is a story of children (but not for this reason for children) is also evident from the choice of a pleasant post-production color correction, which turns to warm and lively tones. If we look at the shots, there are very long and long fields, many of which are establishing shots that establish the place of action. These are clean, symmetrical shots that recall the style of Wes Anderson.

In these shots, the room remains fixed, while the characters move within the framed space, leaving and entering it at will. There are also slow motion, effective to highlight the topical moments of the film. As for the soundtrack instead, we find great classics of music, from Aretha Franklin to David Bowie, from Elvis Presley to Diana Ross. Troop Zero is a film about children in a world in which adults are marginal but at the same time influence their lives in a decisive way. A story, however, aimed precisely at adults, so unaccustomed to seeing the world with the ingenuity and freshness typical of those who have not yet lost their trust in others and goodness of heart. To see because it leaves much more than you think, warms the heart and has a cast of respectable small actors.

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Viola Davis, Mckenna Grace, And Milan Ray In Troop Zero (2019)
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Mckenna Grace, Bella Higginbotham, Charlie Shotwell, Johanna Colón, And Milan Ray In Troop Zero (2019) 2
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Mckenna Grace, Bella Higginbotham, Charlie Shotwell, Johanna Colón, And Milan Ray In Troop Zero (2019)

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