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🔴 Samuel L Jackson And Sebastian Stan In The Last Full Measure (2019) Watch Free Online Hd

samuel l jackson and sebastian stan in the last full measure (2019) watch free online hd
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Date: 2020-02-29 01:35:51
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William Pitsenbarger, aviation doctor and protagonist of a heroic sacrifice during a tragic episode of the war in Vietnam, never received the Medal of Honor, the highest recognition of the value of the United States Army. Thirty years later, in 1999, the veterans of that battle and the hero's elderly parents do not resign themselves and turn to Scott Huffman to plead Pitsenbarger's cause. Huffman initially believes it is a waste of time and works on the practice without passion, but after meeting parents and veterans and listening to their testimonies, he wants to go all the way and find out what has happened in these thirty years.

Todd Robinson, usually a director accustomed to television productions and diligent biopics, takes a more ambitious step with Era mio Figlio.

The film features a sumptuous cast: having Peter Fonda (his last appearance on the big screen), Samuel L. Jackson, Christopher Plummer, Ed Harris, John Savage (formerly in Vietnam in The Hunter) and William Hurt in the same film it's an everyday affair. Except Plummer, in the role of the director's father, the other sacred monsters interpret as many gruff and unfriendly survivors of a bloody battle, in which only a few American soldiers survived, hidden among the corpses. The space, short but precious, delivered to their memory is a small sliver of cinema that was, admittedly nostalgic, in which to make their acting shine: a moment of amarcord that communicates directly with the viewer and goes beyond the story of Pitsenbarger .

Outside of these precious moments, however, the frame of Era mio Figlio gives itself to the conventionality of a project in which the cinematographic reconstruction seems to be a mere appendix and the objective is essentially to celebrate the heroism of a soldier who has chosen the ultimate sacrifice - The Last Full Measure in the original title, which quotes Lincoln about the Battle of Gettysburg - to save lives and allow fellow soldiers to return home to loved ones.

Robinson's will seems to be the didactic one to make it clear what an extraordinary action means in an extraordinary context - regardless of how you think about the war and in particular about the highly contested one that took place in Vietnam - through an act to the limits of martyrdom, which sounds almost inexplicable, counter-nature in the context of extreme selfishness that characterizes today's society. Perhaps it is from here that the urgency of a film like Era my son was born.

In the epilogue Robinson's warning - who initially chooses a discreet and chronicle tone, while Huffman begins to investigate what happened and reassembles the pieces of the puzzle - flows into a climax in which each scene represents an emotional escalation, underlined by the soundtrack overcharge by Philip Klein. The search for emotion thus ends up devouring everything, even those moments of rare brilliance crossed by unforgettable faces of the big screen.

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