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🔴 Watch Jessica Williams In Booksmart (2019) Directed By Olivia Wilde Genre Comedy

watch jessica williams in booksmart (2019) directed by olivia wilde genre comedy
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Uploaded by: franklin
Date: 2020-02-29 20:26:54
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It is a dramatic epiphany that suddenly strikes, on the last day of school, on the most brilliant student of Crockett High School, Molly Davidson: academic success is not incompatible with the most playful and frivolous experiences of adolescence. This is the engine that starts the crazy night told in the directorial debut of the actress Olivia Wilde, which we are going to talk about in our review of The revenge of the losers, bland and misleading retelling of Booksmart: one of the surprises of the season in the United States, with an enthusiasm that has involved more the criticism of the general public, but with all the features to become one of the future cult of the teen movie trend.

All in one night: in search of lost time

At the center of the plot of The revenge of the losers, a sort of Overtime declined according to the canons of the coming of age, we find a pair of friends for the skin in the process of dropping out of high school. Molly Davidson, authoritatively portrayed by Lady Bird's Beanie Feldstein, is the student committee president, treats her peers with a somewhat snobbish superiority, has a poster of Ruth Bader Ginsburg hanging in her room and aims to access the role of judge of the Supreme Court. Amy Antsler, who has the face of the Short Term 12 and Beautiful Boy Kaitlyn Dever, plans to volunteer in Botswana, cultivates romantic fantasies towards a pupil of her own high school and shares her dedication to study with Molly. But what happens when the two girls realize that they have 'wasted' their adolescence?

It is the dilemma that strikes Molly with the humiliating effect of a water balloon (the direction of Olivia Wilde plays with intelligence on such combinations), and that will push her and Amy to try to recover in a single night all the time denied to the fun and transgressions in order to remain model students. Through the typical ingredients of the high school comedy, The revenge of the losers reflects above all on this: is there a right way or a wrong way to live your years as a teenager? In the school microcosm, rigorously codified in almost unscratchable roles and hierarchies, will our young heroines be able to demonstrate that they are not only "nerds" but also know how to juggle the party nightlife?

The unbearable lightness of being teenagers

The last, extreme challenge before receiving the diploma will therefore begin an increasingly unrestrained adventure for the protagonists: from the strenuous search for the villa where the most crowded party of the evening is being celebrated, between misdirections and unexpected encounters, including the one with the principal-taxi driver Jordan Brown (Jason Sudeikis, Wilde's husband), compared to anything but simple with the fear and insecurity of flirting with the boy or girl of their dreams, to put the mask of seriousness on the front to classmates or to go into an intrepid karaoke on the notes of You Oughta Know by Alanis Morissette. Booksmart tells all this: lightly, without fear of sometimes trespassing in the field of farce, but at the same time avoiding superficiality or the most obvious solutions.

Keeping an eye on John Hughes' cinema, but also on other more recent and 'savvy' adolescent films such as Girls in Beverly Hills and Mean Girls and on some examples of television teen comedy, Olivia Wilde still manages to instill a spirit in Booksmart decidedly contemporary: from the naturalness in describing Amy's homosexuality without having to underline distinctions with respect to the heteronormative model to the choice not to focus the story on the love worries of the two protagonists, as well as on their friendship relationship. A relationship that proceeds in parallel with the individual discovery path that each of them will inevitably have to face; always knowing, however, that he has a person at his side to whom he can rely unconditionally, beyond any possible conflict.


As we have illustrated in our review of The revenge of the losers, the directorial debut of Olivia Wilde gives us one of the best teen movies of the last few years: witty, very lively, punctuated by a formidable fire in a row of bars and by a staging of remarkable inventiveness (see the sequence in which Molly and Amy, in the grip of hallucinogenic drugs, turn into Barbie), Booksmart represents the difficulties and discomforts of the last phase of adolescence, however exalting courage, self-irony and spirit of solidarity that allow us to face and overcome these challenges. Beanie Feldstein and Kaitlyn Dever prove to be two perfect performers, well supported by a gallery of excellent supporting actors.

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