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🔴 Watch Stephan James In If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) Full Movie 4k Streaming Hd Quality

watch stephan james in if beale street could talk (2018) full movie 4k streaming hd quality
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Uploaded by: brittany
Date: 2020-03-01 00:46:15
Viewed: 133 times - 6 hour, 32 minute, 26 second ago

In the seventies, in the Harlem neighborhood, nineteen year old Tish is expecting a boyfriend from the love of her life, her boyfriend Fonny. But he will have to tell her through a glass, because Fonny was imprisoned for a crime he did not commit. There is a white policeman in the middle and making the truth win seems an increasingly difficult and expensive undertaking. But Tish doesn't give up and her family is with her.

After winning the Oscar with Moonlight, Barry Jenkins brings to the screen one of James Baldwin's best known and most appreciated books, "If Beale Street Could Talk".

A novel written after the assassinations of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King and therefore imbued with all the disillusionment and anger that that historical moment could inspire in the African American community and beyond, yet a novel full of love. Jenkins tries to do the same on the screen, mixing two temporal planes close together but far from emotional temperature, to tell both the youthful passion and the desire for the future as well as the injustice of being part of a part of the population pushed in every way to live in fear.

Jenkins uses a lot of the use of the first and first floor, for all his characters and not only for the scenes that contemplate the two protagonists. In some cases, as for Fonny's mother or friend who was devastated by prison, the first floor tells something that goes beyond words, in an area of ​​psychological unknowability, of trauma, but most of the time, that extreme proximity tells the sincerity of the character, the transparency of his soul, the love in his gaze. So, even if not everything in the film has the same level of intensity, we are captured by the request for attention that the direction makes us, as well as by the particular, long sequences of dialogue, in which music plays a fundamental role.

Jenkins still does not manage to make everything eloquent: there are elements that remain silent, such as Fonny's passion for sculpture, or less effective than they would like to be, as is the case for more explicitly romantic scenes, but his directorial personality is undoubted and the image is placed at the center of his priority work.

Impossible not to be admired by the voice of color, ardent, and by the care taken in characterizing the characters, by the timid and particular physicality of Tish, by the strength of the mother (the actress Regina King) and her sister Ernestine, whose complexity with the minimum of brush strokes. Whether you conquer or not, his is a statute: the beauty of images against the ugliness of the world.

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Watch Drama Kaden Byrd, Stephan James, And KiKi Layne In If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) Full Movie 4K Streaming
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Watch Drama Stephan James And KiKi Layne In If Beale Street Could Talk (2018) Full Movie

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