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🔴 Watch Leonardo Dicaprio In Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019) Take A Minute To Register

watch leonardo dicaprio in once upon a time in hollywood (2019) take a minute to register
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Date: 2020-03-01 10:04:47
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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood begins in style, as is the work of Quentin Tarantino. Footage of the 1950s black and white television series titled Bounty Law, starring as well as catapulting the name of Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio), was followed by two situations that appeared alternately: Rick with his stuntman, Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt) driving, while Sharon Tate (Margot Robbie) and her husband, Roman Polanski (Rafał Zawierucha) just got off the plane. In the background is Roy Head's Treat Her Right song.

A cool opening scene that sets the character of three protagonists: Rick the mega star whose popularity is fading, Cliff the tough stuntman, and Sharon the young star. But don't be fooled, because Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is not a typical Tarantino dish. It is true that the film was built by dialogue, popular cultural references, fun songs, and storytelling that often applies flashbacks, but who would have thought this to be the most mature and emotional work of the director. As if, reaching the ninth work, Tarantino wanted to say, "I have a heart".

After the opening scene, the flow goes back and forth between Rick-Cliff's friendship and Sharon's life. Rick felt his fame plummeted, because instead of the main character, he only accepted an offer as an antagonist who died or was beaten by the hero, or a brief appearance in the pilot episode. As a result, Cliff lost his job, spending his days picking up or repairing antennas at Rick's house.

Very unfortunate, because Cliff is a badass fighter. In fact he had beaten Bruce Lee (Mike Moh) in one moment that confirmed his capacity, so that the audience could trust what Cliff was able to do at the climax. Pitt, armed with a persona like a cowboy, appeared charismatic even while just standing still, watching from behind his black glasses.

In contrast to Cliff, on the screen, Rick was full of authority, but behind the scenes he was a man full of fear, doubt, who often stuttered when he spoke. Luckily, not only employees, Cliff became a loyal friend who always supported Rick. It was, if he could, Rick would ask Cliff to be his stuntman in the real world.

Acting Rick, DiCaprio showed off one of the most colorful performances in his career through an extraordinary interpretation of the two sides (front and back of the camera) Rick. The actor's duality is exposed when Rick goes through the process of shooting as an antagonist of the western television series. DiCaprio delivers a wide range of acting that ignites ridiculousness, pain, to admiration.

If Rick's story describes the fall of stars at the end of Hollywood's golden age, Sharon tells us about the rise of new stars. But like Rick, Sharon is also "double faced". And similar to DiCaprio, Robbie succeeded in reviving this duality. At a glance Sharon is just a young girl who likes to party, but behind that, she becomes a reflection of the dreamers of the film industry who hope to entertain the audience through its appearance on the big screen. Sharon's visit to the cinema to watch The Wrecking Crew which he starred in (also the conclusion of Rick's filming process that I alluded to above) became a means of proving Tarantino's sensibility. That in addition to style and violence, he can also touch the heart.

Specifically acting as a tribute to Hollywood in the 1960s, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was surely filled with references, for example the mention of several movie titles or television series (The Man From UNCLE, Batman, The Dick Van Dyke Show, FBI, Rosemary's Baby, and others) others), cameos of real figures such as Bruce Lee and Steve McQueen (Damian Lewis), or modification of the elements of reality from the names of figures to certain events, for example Cliff's fight with Bruce Lee that occurred in the set of The Green Hornet series.

Viewers who are familiar with these things will find paradise, on the contrary, for the laity, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood may feel empty or speak without focus. Not a sin, because from the beginning, Tarantino had intended to write a love letter. The desire to give birth to a love letter is the winning factor of the film.

Different from Inglourious Basterds, Tarantino's fond imagination this time, rather than being driven by "delinquency" explorations, is like a sincere outpouring of the condition he hoped to happen. The peak is in the conclusion. The third round, even though it began less smoothly due to reasons that seemed forced to attempt to modify the case of the massacre by the Manson Family, became first-class entertainment thanks to Tarantino's favorite violent parade. But the biggest charm isn't there.

(SPOILER STARTS) The climax may take several lives, but Tarantino's main goal is to save lives. Through tenderness that has never been demonstrated, Tarantino created a magical and touching cover, where fictional figures such as Rick Dalton and Cliff Booth were created so that the lives that died on the bloody night of August 8, 1969 had the opportunity to continue their laughter, even sharing it with others. If the Quentin Tarantino cinema universe does exist, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood might be the manifestation of that universal paradise (SPOILER ENDS).

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