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🔴 Watch Increadible Asier Flores In Dolor Y Gloria (2019) Full Movie 4k Streaming Hd Online Free

watch increadible asier flores in dolor y gloria (2019) full movie 4k streaming hd online free
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Uploaded by: giancarlo
Date: 2020-03-01 14:09:13
Viewed: 126 times - 17 minute 2 second ago

Director Salvador Mallo is in a physical and creative crisis. The days of poor childhood in a village in the Valencia area, a film from which he ended up dissociating once finished and many other fundamental moments of his life, come back to his memory.

Almodóvar (as he has defined himself in an icastic form for some time in the main titles of his films) returns to being Pedro (even if in the guise of Salvador Mallo) and talks about himself, his malaise, the difficulty of carrying on the Pavesian profession of living under the sky of Madrid. He does this by keeping under control what self-interest that has gradually crept into his cinema and, above all, letting himself go on an emotional level. What had not happened in La mala educaciòn, a film also linked to his youthful experience, happens here. Thanks also to the choice of the right alter ego.

As Federico Fellini had found in Marcello Mastroianni who could best translate the cinematographic himself, so Pedro Almodóvar has in his friend and actor Antonio Banderas a person to whom he can transfer his own intimate feeling with the certainty of never being betrayed, even in an uncontrolled blink.

Because it is not easy to get naked in front of millions of people by recounting their period of dependence on heroin as well as the close bond with a maternal figure whose loss still makes itself felt deeply. There is talk of a renegade film and then rehabilitated to end up distancing itself again in Dolor y gloria. It shows how theater, with its direct contact with the public, has an ancestral value that it preserves in a mysterious way even when it is cinema that stages it. Because surely this is an open heart film in which the hope of being able to be reborn from the saving but also amniotic liquid is already declared at the beginning but it is also a mature and complex reflection on cinema and on its possibility of expressing what may seem almost unspeakable.

How much awareness of the passage of time is felt in the encounter with the love of days that were when the looks and gestures convey the interiorization of the gift of an experience that involved both partners making them mature on a sentimental level! But how much also, at the same time, one experiences the 'feeling' that the passing of the years can only keep the memory of it, without hoping for a rekindling of the passion of the past, in a present that has favored different paths. The boy who once taught to read to a young bricklayer, who reached the age of seventy, also helps us to 'read' by offering himself as an open book in which to spell out the letters of the most hidden alphabet: that of feelings.

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