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🔴 Watch Mike Epps In Dolemite Is My Name (2019) Full Movie Free Access Online

watch mike epps in dolemite is my name (2019) full movie free access online
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Uploaded by: zacke
Date: 2020-03-01 15:04:18
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If there is a comedy in the world that combines Eddie Murphy, Wesley Snipes, Snoop Dogg and Chris Rock, it is a moral imperative to see it. Dolemite Is My Name, directed by Craig Brewer and a screenplay by Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski, is the true story of the comedian, musician, singer, actor and film producer Rudy Ray Moore.

Los Angeles. 1970. Rudy Ray Moore is a failed singer, he lives between his job as a cashier in a record store - flanked by Snoop Dogg - and his career that never really took off. Rudy, in the last attempt to gather material for his skits in the underground rooms, records the rhymes, the jokes and the vulgar and coarse stories of a group of homeless people. Their dirty and cheeky songs turn on a light inside Rudy's mind who intelligently chooses to adapt them and propose them during his underground cabarets.

Dolemite Is My Name: Eddie Murphy returns with a charismatic and valid comedy

The success of his monologues favored his - albeit limited - singing career first, and then the cinematographic one: Rudy, although aware of his total lack of cinematographic experience, decided to self-finance his blaxploitation film. Thus was born Dolemite, a low-budget production that orbits the three key things that Rudy wants to see in a film: nudity, comedy and kung-fu.

Dolemite Is My Name is an amazing biopic on the musical and cinematographic rise of Rudy Ray Moore, called "the Godfather of Rap", a man who through his character of Dolemite has caught and reinvented African American folkloric stories, such as The signifying monkey. Many people claim that hip-hop was born with the work of DJ Kool Herc on a 1973 summer evening in the Bronx.

An amazing biopic on Rudy Ray Moore's musical and film ascent

Others claim that hip-hop took its first steps in 1979 thanks to the Sugarhill Gang with "Rapper's Delight". A decade ago, Rudy Ray Moore was recording his album Eat Out More Often, in which the comedian, with a support band, reclaimed profane rhymed poems and told stories rooted in the African American soul, stories of exploitation, prostitution, cheaters, thieves, including a character called Dolemite. Maybe Rudy Ray Moore did not invent hip hop but he certainly made that movement become what it was then.

It's been a long time since we got to see Eddie Murphy in a dense, charismatic and valid comedy. Murphy - a pioneering force in the comedy of the 80s and early 90s - has hardly ever convinced the public or critics with his works in recent years, starting from Norbit to Daddy's Kindergarten. Here Murphy is in a state of grace: his interpretation is absolutely credible, from the stand-up comedy scenes, which pop thanks to his charisma, to the most dramatic ones, which are used to give Rudy's character three-dimensionality and complexity.

Dolemite Is My Name: the Netflix comedy not to be missed

Dolemite Is My Name is easily comparable to similar stories such as The Disaster Artist or Ed Wood, other films that immerse us in the life of a group of geeks who have ventured into the realization of a very bad film, but which will eventually find its own cult audience. Dolemite Is My Name, however, takes yet another step towards the public, as it reflects how the attitude towards the blaxploitation genre has changed, officially set in the late '70s, and how those films were actually very popular and polarizing (almost they always represented African Americans in poor contexts, populated by prostitutes and drug dealers).

For this it is essential to discover (or rediscover) Dolemite Is My Name, because it manages to capture that joy, that incredible success, and reminds us of how much Moore was right to sell in believing that true immortality resided on the screen, where the ray of light coming out of the projector is like an incision in a cave.

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