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🔴 Watch Documentary James Cleveland, Aretha Franklin, Cl Franklin, And Southern California Community Choir In Amazing Grace (2018) Full Movie Hd Stream

watch documentary james cleveland, aretha franklin, cl franklin, and southern california community choir in amazing grace (2018) full movie hd stream
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Uploaded by: courtney
Date: 2020-03-02 01:26:28
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Don't be ashamed of goosebumps and tears in your eyes when you hear Aretha Franklin singing. Basically they call her the "Queen of Soul" for a reason. There has never been anyone like her and, probably, never will exist and it is thanks to documentaries like Amazing Grace - presented out of competition at the Berlin Festival 2019 - that we have the opportunity to discover one of the most perfect and moving voices in the history of music.

Lady Soul was the daughter of a famous Baptist preacher and sang gospel with her sisters during their father's services in Detroit. That's why at some point in his career - after 7 Grammy - he decided to go back to basics with an album that celebrated his love for religious music. He records it live in front of an audience in raptures with the Southern California Community Choir and Reverend James Cleveland. The resulting work is one of the best vocal performances in the artist's history, more involved than ever in a poetics that perhaps belonged to her more than anything else.

With Amazing Grace, Aretha Franklin went back to basics

With the sweat that melts her mascara and the blue eyeshadow that runs, Aretha Franklin pours her soul into a beautiful performance that we now have the opportunity to review thanks to the documentary of the same name. Sidney Pollack was originally commissioned to resume the concert to make a film out of it, which never saw the light of day because of what are called "technical problems" that are not well identified. But we don't care: the fundamental thing is that now that perfect voice will have the opportunity to resonate once again to its maximum splendor.

Amazing Grace cinematographe

Amazing Grace is a perfect documentary concert for any Franklin fan. It is 87 minutes of magic and, for those who love the singer and miss it, it is an experience that almost transcends time and space. We want to applaud and stand up to support her energy, just as if we were with her in the New Temple Missionary Baptist Church in Los Angeles in that distant January 1972. As if we were sitting in the audience and we had Clara Ward on one side and Mick Jagger on the other, all intent on listening to Lady Soul's voice.

The Amazing Grace documentary concert presented at the Berlinale 2019

At the same time, however, it is easy to imagine that if you are not a fan of Aretha Franklin, Amazing Grace makes no sense to you. It is not an interesting film from a cinematographic point of view, it does not have a story, it is a documentary without testimonies. It's just pure music. It appeals to pure and simple taste while being, as it works in and of itself, incredibly interesting. Only Aretha Franklin can make us sit for an hour and a half listening to gospel through the speakers of a cinema without feeling the unclean desire to leave the room.

Amazing Grace is a transcendental experience for a fan of Aretha Franklin and a beautiful tribute to one of the greatest artists of the 1900s, who passed away at the age of 76 on 16 August due to pancreatic cancer. It is a cuddle that we deserved and that is worthy of attention and affection. Let's stop and listen to that perfect voice as it bounces off the walls of a Californian church and reaches us, almost 50 years later, in the silence of a movie theater.

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Watch Documentary James Cleveland, Aretha Franklin, CL Franklin, And Southern California Community Choir In Amazing Grace (2018) Full Movie HD Stream
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Watch Music Aretha Franklin In Amazing Grace (2018) Full Movie 4K
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Watch Aretha Franklin In Amazing Grace (2018) Full Movie

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