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🔴 Watch Fantastic Jiang Hu Er Nu (2018) Full Movie Online

watch fantastic jiang hu er nu (2018) full movie online
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Date: 2020-03-02 01:31:58
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The children of the yellow river (Ash is purest white, Les Eternals, Jiang Hu Er Nv), directed by Jia Zhang-Ke (Still Life, Beyond the Mountains) starts from the pretext of the love sacrifice made by Qiao ( the divine Zhao Tao), a former dancer, against her partner Bin (Liao Fao), a gangster who exercises great local power in the decadent Datong. Qiao silently follows the illicit actions of his beloved, showing a determined temperament but willing to stay in the shadows, letting Bin's ego dominate, a man for whom value corresponds to power. But Datong is a city that is changing, as indeed the whole of China, an inexorable transformation destined to change the social and economic balance, until an ambush decrees the end of Bin's domination, to which - however - Qiao manages to save his life promptly, paying for his gesture (a gunshot exploded in the air) with 5 years of imprisonment.

When the sentence ends, Qiao is no longer the same, visibly tried and aged. And the woman decides to drag herself into the transformed reality that surrounds her with the sole objective of understanding, or perhaps only rationalizing, why Bin has decided to abandon her, remaking his life.

The sons of the yellow river (whose Chinese title has a completely different meaning - Sons of the rivers - and also the French one, Les Eternals) suggests the idea of ​​the Phoenician Arab, able to rise from its own ashes, with white ( white) to suggest a new beginning, a candid page. But such optimism is absent from the film by Jia Zhang-Ke, who seems to dwell more on the irreversibility of the transformations, both the socio-cultural ones of a China torn apart in a matter of years by industrialization, and the interpersonal ones, with this story of love that can no longer be because too many things have changed, including its protagonists.

But Qiao does not give up, demands answers or at least a last confrontation with the man for whom she has lost her freedom, finding herself alone in the presence of an increasingly depersonalizing reality, in which to rebuild herself on the basis of lies and gimmicks not exactly clear, but necessary to attribute an identity again.

Bin, for his part, is a man who existed only within his system of power, who has not resisted the shame of having fallen but also of having been saved by his partner, who is still a representative of the weaker sex. Qiao, on the other hand, weak has absolutely nothing and decides to continue dedicating her life while remaining faithful to herself and to the love that - despite herself - still binds her to Bin, or to what she was.

The sons of the yellow river makes the most of its overwhelming message also thanks to the availability of footage that spans over 15 years, explicitly showing the effects of time on the faces of its protagonists, thus offering the story a further narrative push that - however - remains perhaps insufficient to cover the spectator effortlessly for almost 2 and a half hours.

A diluted time, but in which it slowly takes shape, between splendid images and numerous symbolic scenes that underline the difficulty of a rediscovered human contact, but also to establish itself again in a reality too transformed to be still recognizable, a work that becomes progressively existential journey, in a country that has been lost - together with its inhabitants - under the inexorable thrust of what we call progress.

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Watch Fantastic Jiang Hu Er Nu (2018) Full Movie Online
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