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🔴 Watch Increadible Hatidze Muratova And Nazife Muratova In Honeyland (2019) Full Movie Stream Online

watch increadible hatidze muratova and nazife muratova in honeyland (2019) full movie stream online
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Date: 2020-03-02 09:13:46
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In the harsh but extraordinary mountainous landscapes of northern Macedonia, Hatidze Muratova lives among the remains of a village now abandoned with his mother Nazife, elderly, sick and with vision problems. Hatidze takes care of her and her bee crops, which she takes care of as an expert and whose honey then brings up to Skopje to sell it to the city market. Hatidze's spartan and peaceful life is revived by a family of new neighbors, Hussein, wife and seven children. Concerned about making ends meet, the man lets himself be captivated by Hatidze's earnings with the sale of honey and decides to imitate it, however jeopardizing the balance of the local ecosystem.

"Half for you, half for me", so Hatidze reassures his bees before taking away the fruit of their work in a compromise of cooperation, natural balance and economy of survival.

Honeyland, the Oscar-nominated documentary by directors Tamara Kotevska and Ljubomir Stefanov, lives in a similar relationship with his subject, made of neutral observation but also of the astute and passionate condensate of a human parable, taking the right moment to kidnap her on the basis of hundreds of hours of footage.

Initially conceived as a work of environmental interest on a Macedonian village, which required three years of presence and processing, the film finds its allegorical strength in the fortunate development that puts Hatidze in front of the moral mirror of the new neighbors, "threat" environmental, bearers of chaos (the scenes in which the children interact with the animals and with the environment in a disordered and joyful way are among the most successful) but in the end they too are people who try to get busy as best they can.

A question of balance, therefore, like everything else in Honeyland: a story that speaks of environmental sustainability but which shows how, at all levels and above all at the human level, every action is also a nuisance. Even the mere proximity of a woman to a honeycomb, of a family to another, of a mother to a daughter, alters a natural state; The work of Kotevska and Stefanov, with its slow rhythms and the precision of the shots, stimulates the viewer to reflect on his role as an observer through the camera, and to ask himself if and how he is exploiting the world represented in the film himself.

To defuse the conceptual doubts, however, there is the earthly and authentic verve of a documentary that does not pontificate and does not abstract, and instead remains in love with the soil and people, both photographed in warm and sunny tones. It is no coincidence that the protagonist wears a yellow shirt that immediately becomes memorable, through human between the sun and honey, between heaven and earth.

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