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🔴 Watch Shia Labeouf In Honey Boy (2019) Full Movie Directed By Alma Harel

watch shia labeouf in honey boy (2019) full movie directed by alma harel
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Uploaded by: corye
Date: 2020-03-02 10:05:05
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It is not a declared biopic, but Honey Boy tells the story of Shia LaBeouf, allowing the public to better understand the inconsistent actor who presented himself at the Berlin Festival a few years ago with a lot of paper on his head. He started working as an actor very early, with his father pushing him to give his best as a sort of bizarre manager.

The film is spread over two temporal strands. On the one hand follows the little Otis who spends his days in film studios and in the company of his old man, growing up too quickly, without affection and friends. He has a somewhat distorted view of reality and the father is not a figure he can rely on, since he seems to be interested in him only as a source of income, while the mother is far away and lives her life. Lucas Hedges, on the other hand, is an adult Otis who bears the signs of that conflictual and different childhood from his peers, with episodes of violence, addiction to alcohol and numerous sessions by the psychologist to be reintegrated into society.

Honey Boy: Shia LaBeouf's childhood story

After moving to the Sundance Film Festival and the Toronto Film Festival, Honey Boy was applauded at the London Film Festival where Shia LaBeouf was present, available and smiling. For some time, in fact, the actor seems to have returned to the right path, even if he still has to fight some demon of the past every now and then. Also because Hollywood is not easy to manage with a personality marked by pain and a lack of solid reference points.

Honey Boy, directed by Alma Har’el in fact underlines precisely this feeling of unease with himself and with the others of the character of Otis, alter ego of the actor of Fury and Transformers. The choice to play his father himself in the film is almost a way to face reality, a catharsis in front of the camera that he does very well. The father appears as a toxic force that has shaped his life for many years, the most important years of training and maturity. Even the little colleague Noah Jupe that we often see on the big screen lately, gives an intense and convincing performance, supporting the emotional weight of the film.

In a poor and unfortunate reality this unbalanced and corrupt father-son relationship develops, but not without affection and complicity. The two seem to love each other very well, but they are unable to realize it and take the time to build something, besides surviving. The script works like a kind of therapy for LaBeouf that faces those deeply rooted problems every day. However with this film he chooses to share them with the public.

Honey Boy is needed to understand Shia LaBeouf's identity

Honey Boy is an exciting indie-soul drama, but has some weaknesses in rhythm and style. The direction is very traditional and clashes with some narrative constraints, but outlines an interesting story of resistance and desolation. Twisted tenderness and insecurity are part of the child's Otis and the adult's Otis, but the spectator's identification does not take place completely. The scenes are not built to reach the heart, but rather to denounce a difficult and bitter reality that, in a certain sense, had its happy ending if we evaluate Shia LaBeouf today.

In fact, the choice behind the project is curious about Honey Boy. Stars usually tend to hide their private lives from fans, even when information is distorted by gossip. But LaBeouf, a talented actor who enjoys an undisputed celebrity, with this film allows fans to peek through the keyhole, not only in the name of simple voyeurism but to explain the origin of his professional and above all personal identity.


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