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🔴 Watch Fantastic Gurinder Chadha And Viveik Kalra At An Event For Blinded By The Light (2019) Full Movie Online Stream

watch fantastic gurinder chadha and viveik kalra at an event for blinded by the light (2019) full movie online stream
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Uploaded by: reginale
Date: 2020-03-04 10:47:14
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There is a moment in life in which each of us looks for an escape from the reality in which he lives. We feel oppressed by a situation greater than us and we want to go out, to show we have our own voice. Often all this depends on the family reality in which you are born. If the situation in question is more extensive than the family unit, the desire to escape also increases. Escape routes can be the most varied. Blinded by the light comes from a dimension of this type. A boy has many difficulties in accepting himself, in any social context he lives. Let's go into detail with the review of Blinded by the light.

Jay's story, however, goes beyond the simple adolescent difficulties of each of us. Jay is a boy born in England from a Pakistani family and, in the 80s, he finds himself confronting the boys of his age and a society that does not seem to progress. Director Gurinder Chadha, known for the film Dreaming Beckham, takes up a similar theme. In both cases, the escape route is manifested in a figure, from two different worlds: sport and music. The prophet who opens Jay's mind surprises everyone around him, is Bruce Springsteen.

Blinded by the light review - Plot

Luton, England, 1987. Jay is a boy born in England into a Pakistani family, of college age. His family is strongly linked to the tradition of his country of origin. Javed's father, the protagonist's full name, is the head of the family in all respects, as he makes decisions for everyone and manages all the money earned. The father is convinced that Jay studies economics in college, but he pursues his dream of becoming a writer and attends the literature course. By chance, at school, Javed meets Roops, another Pakistani boy who talks to him about the Boss.

Jay is intrigued by this figure that Roops idolizes, of which he received two cassettes. In a moment of profound personality crisis, due to the dismissal of his father and a disavowal of his ability as a writer, which leads him to throw all his poems, Javed listens to the tapes. The discovery of Springsteen's messages has an exceptional impact on Jay's condition, who recognizes himself in the Boss's lyrics, and retraces his steps, collecting the poems. The next day the same poems are delivered to the literature teacher, who shows great admiration for Javed's compositions.

Despite a series of achievements that stem from Jay's writing, including the publication of an article in Luton's newspaper, the relationship with the family does not seem to find peace. Javed wants to pursue his dreams, he wants to get out of the small reality that oppresses him. This will lead him to have strong frictions with his family and his best friend. The desire to emerge, combined with love for Springsteen, will lead him to make difficult choices.

Blinded by the light - Review

The British director, of Indian origin, reproposes a theme that she had already dealt with, as mentioned, in the film Sognando Beckham. The comparison between the two films is inevitable. We are not talking about two milestones, this must be said, but certainly two films that deal with a theme not too far from us. The creation of an imposed or self-imposed segregation for different ethnic groups has unfortunately always punctuated human history. Both protagonists of the films are oppressed by a fundamentalist family reality, which derives from very strong cultural roots, Indian in one case and Pakistani in the other.

In Dreaming Beckham the protagonist lived in a wealthy family, however foreign to English customs, which simply wanted to prevent her from fulfilling her dream as a footballer. In this Blinded by the light the drama is not only inner for Jay, since his entire family is in unpleasant conditions. Here is the discordant note: Javed is a boy and it is normal for him to deal with issues as a boy, but if the family is in these conditions his selfishness is, in the long run, annoying. It seems, and in fact it is so from a certain point onwards, that Jay wants to be the only architect of his destiny.

This detail makes the relationship between the spectator and the protagonist less empathetic. The secondary characters, however, are incredibly good and convincing. Another downside is Jay's ability to write. There is no moment in the film in which one of his poems or prose is read in full. It seems that we want to give little importance to the tool that actually gives Jay the desired freedom. Imagine Billy Elliot ... without even a dance scene. It doesn't make the idea very much, does it?

Technical aspects

Blinded by the light is not a musical, at least it is not presented as such, but there are entire sequences that make it such a film. If the music was not Springsteen's, the scenes would have no context. There is everything that should not be seen in a musical, and even more. The boys sing and dance badly in the middle of the streets, leaving school without being stopped, without cars passing by, to find themselves suddenly, without reason, in the middle of the meadows with detachments without context.

A couple of sequences on music are saved. Definitely to forget the sequence of the first approach with the music of the Boss. In this scene Jay runs down the street while a storm is going on, and listens to Promised Land on headphones. While the song accompanies the images, Jay approaches a wall, on which the words flow, projected. It is not the first time that the words of the songs appear on the screen, but the first in which they are projected.The thing would not be problematic if it were not completely out of context, since the projector, on the wall, also projects the storm, with thunder , lightning and rain, as if the house was not there, or to return an idea of ​​video clips. No matter the motivation, the success is bad.

Another absurd sequence is that of the photos in the USA. In this scene Jay and Roops take pictures, which we should see in the frame immediately following, with a now classic sequence. The problem is that in the "photo" we do not see the real photo, but the same image that we have already seen, complete with a photographer. To understand it, it is as if you were the most married photographer in the photo of your wedding, without knowing exactly who took the actual photo.

The Boss

We said that some sequences on music are not to be trashed. Very beautiful one in which Jay dedicates to Eliza Thunder Road in the market square. Also noteworthy is the scene in which Born to run dance with street artists, who return a semblance of choreography. There is also an unpublished soundtrack: I’ll stand by you, which Springsteen originally wrote for Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. One can not admit that music raises the level of the film a lot, especially for those who love the genre.

The visceral love for the Boss figure seems to be a strange disease for those who watch the two Pakistani boys, since it is no longer in vogue in the years in which the film is set. His music, however, always proves to be current; and it is the only tool to bring together all the characters divided in the film. The words of his songs help the protagonist to understand his situation, but they also excite the viewer with immortal texts. For those unfamiliar with Springsteen the film will prove revealing. What is certain is that we are not in front of a video clip, so if the non-musical component had been more valid the show would have gained.

Ample space is obviously left to music, which is also often cited, without a base, by the protagonist, who makes the Boss a real religion from a certain point. The effects of the music, however, are not only positive for Javed's personality, but are extremely positive for the film's budget.

Blinded by the light review - Conclusions

Probably more could have been done to celebrate a superstar like Bruce Springsteen. The plot is not exciting and is very reminiscent of the director's film already mentioned. Music plays a fundamental part, but, as mentioned, in a film it cannot exist on its own. There are some sequences that, however, make the viewing enjoyable, with decidedly good actors, like Javed's parents. One cannot fail to put enough on a film whose soundtrack bears such an authoritative signature.

Viewing is recommended if you love the Boss. But also, above all, if you don't know it. The situation of segregation that the film tells seems to return to the present day, so the message can open the minds of our society, which in 30 years does not seem to have changed. A special mention for the neighbor of Javed's family, who, speaking very little, perhaps returns the best interpretation of the film, together with Jay's father.

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