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🔴 Watch My Hero Academia Boku No Hiro Akademia The Movie Heroes Rising Hirozu Raijingu (2019) Full Movie

watch my hero academia boku no hiro akademia the movie heroes rising hirozu raijingu (2019) full movie
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Date: 2020-03-04 13:17:50
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The film dedicated to one of the most popular Japanese series of the moment has arrived in theaters for an event release: My Hero Academia - The movie. Two Heroes. The anime (as well as the manga) is written and designed by Kōhei Horikoshi (to learn more read our article dedicated to My Hero Academia) and is a shōnen of the most classic, albeit with some found narrative that makes it one of the titles flagship of the genre, not only because published in the prestigious and famous Weekly Shōnen Jump magazine (known for successes such as Naruto, One peace, Hunter x Hunter, just to name a few) but precisely for those details and found that make it stand out in the pile of vast Japanese production. In this review of My Hero Academia - The movie. Two Heroes we will try to analyze how this film fits into the narrative, evaluating its strengths and weaknesses, not forgetting the spirit of the story to which it belongs, which speaks of courage, but above all of limits.

If, in fact, you are born in a world where being normal is something absolutely unusual and where superpowers define who you are, you must constantly measure yourself with what are your actual and reduced abilities. Izuku Midoriya is in fact a particular boy, one of the few who does not possess any special power in a world where 80% of the population has developed some innate ability of various kinds; his will and his spirit as a true hero will open the way he has always wanted to go: become a superhero like the famous All Might, the strongest and smartest man on the planet who, struck by the boy's generosity and fighting spirit , will give him his powers after a very hard and exhausting training.

The simplicity of the plot of My Hero Academia - The movie

The plot of My Hero Academia - The movie. Two Heroes is quite simple and tells of a trip that Midorya and All Might take on an artificial island, a kind of research center / playground dedicated to Quirk owners (this is the term by which special skills are identified). Here we make the acquaintance of David Shield, scientist and old friend of the iconic and now battered superhero, and of his intelligent daughter Melissa. Obviously for one reason or another, Midorya will end up meeting many of his academics, who also landed on the island for the inauguration. A pleasure trip will soon turn into something else and the kids will have to be ready to take on the situation like real heroes.

The merits in the topics covered

The film has the advantage of reaffirming and confirming the themes of the series, keeping the spirit intact until the end of the credits. The protagonist and his companions will, as usual, do everything to solve the situation in the best possible way, demonstrating impressive tenacity. This is precisely the fulcrum of the story: to get results, to win a challenge you need to commit yourself, give your best to the limit, just like Midorya and All Might who go to the limit here to save the people they care about and ensure the salvation of those present on the island. To be tenacious, however, is useless if you do not have passion and do not pursue a dream: the young boys of the academy want to become one day heroes loved by everyone and to do this they must act as such now. Chasing a dream, having a goal is as important as the effort it takes to reach it, it is the engine that moves the characters, it is what allows it not to give up even when the situation seems desperate, showing that even if the adults heroes disappear a group of guys with many dreams in the drawer and desire to get there can change things. Does all this seem incredibly current to you? Well, because that's what makes My Hero Academia a good genre series.

In addition to the many strengths, some flaws

So far we have set out the many qualities of My Hero Academia the Movie: Two Heroes: the young, current and above all universal themes, as well as the plot, independent of the anime and manga narration, but which nonetheless maintains its spirit and identity. . However, this film has some flaws and is in a beginning that sins of excessive naivety: all the classmates of Midorya find themselves on the artificial island thanks to an interweaving of coincidences that, in fact, seems a little forced ; to this we then add a naturally slower rhythm and some not particularly exhilarating gags. The film adds little and nothing to the plot of the original work but, thanks to a somewhat hasty initial summary, it is not easy to see for those who have never come into contact with series and comics. In short, many good feelings, perhaps a little cloying, but that make My Hero Academia - The Movie a pleasant film, fully immersed in the spirit of the history to which it is inspired, full of well-made, dynamic and spectacular fights, recommended for lovers of manga, anime and to all those who want a story of growth and determination.

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