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🔴 Watch Fantasy Billy Dee Williams And Joonas Suotamo In Star Wars Episode Ix The Rise Of Skywalker (2019) Full Movie Streaming Online 4k 1080p

watch fantasy billy dee williams and joonas suotamo in star wars episode ix the rise of skywalker (2019) full movie streaming online 4k 1080p
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Uploaded by: caleb
Date: 2020-03-04 15:38:37
Viewed: 179 times - 5 hour, 46 minute, 8 second ago

The division of fans into two camps due to the Star Wars controversy: The Last Jedi (which I gave a perfect score) had a long impact, even up to two years later during its sequel, The Rise of Skywalker. Returning J. J. Abrams to the director's chair, the cover of the Skywalker saga that stretched for four decades felt like it was made only as a bridge between the two sides. The results are half measures. Each side might be entertained, but left dissatisfaction.

A few years after The Last Jedi, Rey (Daisy Ridley) continued the Jedi training with General Leia Organa (Carrie Fisher "revived" subtly by applying unused footage from The Force Awakens), while Kylo Ren (Adam Driver), now Supreme Leader, more aggressively trying to destroy the Resistance, this time with additional strength from Palpatine (Ian McDiarmid). Of course this is not a spoiler, considering the return of the former Emperor has been announced since April.

In order to thwart the plan, Rey, Finn (John Boyega) and Poe Dameron (Oscar Isaac) must cross the galaxy, visiting various planets to find a guide to the world of Sith. But to find the location of the device, they must first have a dagger that includes information in ancient Sith, and so on. Made by Abrams and Chris Terrio (Argo, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Justice League), The Rise of Skywalker has a plot like a video game that moves from one checkpoint to the next.

Light weight tends to be monotonous, half its duration is far from the impression of a final round, although we finally have the opportunity to spend time with the trio of protagonists. Isaac began to find his footing playing a reckless figure, even his chemistry and Boyega gave birth to many pleasant banter. While Ridley was more solidly displaying Rey's inner dilemma while succeeding in his new trilogy's goal of delivering an empowerment message. Rey's toughness in the action of swinging the lightsaber makes it worthy of taking on the role of the main hero of the blockbuster action for Star Wars.

Unfortunately this togetherness is four years late. If all three had been united since The Force Awakens, it might not be this difficult to sympathize, and the end of their journey would later have a significant emotional impact. But fans of space opera, especially Star Wars will continue to be satisfied by Abrams' vision of executing cross-planetary adventures, assisted by cinematographers who have subscribed to them since Mission: Impossible III (2006), and Mindel, building imaginative worlds full of strangeness and mesmerizing, massive views.

When asked if I feel the emotion of a 142 minute film, the answer is, "Yes". Moreover, the row of iconic John Williams music is always placed with perfect timing. But rather than an impact worthy of a compelling narrative drama, the majority of emotions were triggered by the nostalgic creator's fan service moments. Isn't The Force Awakens doing the same thing, even thicker relying on nostalgia? That's right, but as The Last Jedi wants to revolutionize, the trilogy opener carries a clear goal, then totally steps there. While the closing trilogy is like confusion.

Trying to fully satisfy fans has the potential to ruin the building of his new story, but, continuing his initial vision can further alienate old fans. I call "initial vision", because the various retrospect to the controversial points of the previous film seem clear, aka there is a change in the middle of the road. Although grateful to see Rey remain central, viewers who expect a new direction might be disappointed with the retcon, on the contrary, fans may be happy to see their prayers being answered, but Abrams and the team still refrain from offering fan service to promote new protagonists (for example at the climax) ).

At least the Star Wars excitement standard in action chasing each other in the sky and slashing each other using lightsaber successfully met by Abrams. In addition to the dramatic elements related to Kylo / Ben's heartlessness, Driver (along with Ridley) is a figure that looks convincing to play the action scenes, helping to maintain the intensity of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which although overall appear adequate, the quality is in the lower middle class compared to other installments.

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