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🔴 Watch Comedy Karen Gillan In Jumanji Welcome To The Jungle (2017) Full Movie Stream Hd Online Free

watch comedy karen gillan in jumanji welcome to the jungle (2017) full movie stream hd online free
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Uploaded by: forde
Date: 2020-03-05 02:56:30
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1996: the board game Jumanji box is found on a beach, exactly where we saw it at the end of the original film, but when the boy who brings it home understands what it is, he is very disappointed, because they are interested only video games. So in the night the game turns into a console cartridge. The same is found today by four high school students in punishment, who choose the remaining four characters of a game for five players and make the mistake of interrupting the game, thus ending up trapped in the game and in the body of the characters they had chosen. So the nerd is a hunk, the black athlete becomes a comic shoulder, the unsocial girl is a fan kicking to the rhythm of music and the queen, perpetually chasing likes on social media, finds herself as a counterpoint in the body of a middle-aged man overweight age. Together they will have to overcome various challenges and bring back an enchanted jewel on top of a mountain: only in this way will they be able to return home.

If the game entered our world in the 1995 film, now the protagonists enter the game, showing us the other side of Jumanji, updated however to the rules of the videogames.

The first character they meet repeats limited phrases like a NPC (non-player character), imprisoned in a functional programming to explain things to the "players" and to give them the necessary objects. Even the flashback, within his story of the background, is experienced by the players as a non-interactive scene, which can only be suffered, and whose videogame term is cutscene. Not to mention that the protagonists have a limited number of "lives" and, until they run out, they fall from the sky like new when they are killed. The nerdy boy obviously knows how to recognize these game mechanics and does not fail to explain them to the other characters and therefore to the public, on the other hand, the caption is one of the figures of the film, which seems to be afraid of being too niche to be truly mainstream.

The most interesting and fun thing about the new Jumanji is not the metaludic aspect, really blatant, but the relationship between the action movie actors sui generis and the characters that are inside them. So The Rock has the ability to be super-charismatic but he is also afraid of a lot of things, because after all he is still played by a nerd; the very tough girl is actually very insecure; the beauty in Jack Black's body then conveys lightly a positive trans message, since after the shock she seems to adapt to her body early and appreciate its genital organs. On the other hand, the athletic black who fell into the comic shoulder is less happy, who continues to complain of his misfortunes just like any comic shoulder would do, and he also has the same shrill voice (at least in the Italian dubbing) and the propensity to shout - as indeed had the black police officer in the original film.

The villain, who is called Van Pelt as the hunter of the first film, although he is played by an excellent actor like Bobby Cannavale actually has very little impact and more than anything else the various animals and his minions on a motorcycle are a danger. The original film is also honored by the writing "Alan Parrish Was Here" to remind us that the character played by Robin Williams had been trapped in the game world for about twenty years and therefore had left a mark. The rules of the sequel are a bit different: the boy trapped in turn has no idea that twenty years have passed in the outside world and is convinced he has been there for a few months, moreover the victory over the game does not cause the drastic rewriting from the timeline of the 1995 film.

The main difference, however, is that if the characters were children there, or adults traumatized and in some ways remained children, here they are teenagers and in fact also the cast with The Rock and Karen Gillan and Jack Black is aimed at a public of teenagers, besides than of nostalgic thirty-year-olds, and less so than that of families. Adventure and special effects are still there, as is irony, but naivety has been replaced by the more post-modern and meta-narrative blink. This makes Jumanji a partially wasted opportunity, as the childish spirit of the original film is much rarer today than this complacency in seeking the spectator's complicity. Not to mention that the two hours of duration are really excessive and after the first half the events are repetitive, like the succession of levels in an average video game in which moreover you can not participate but only watch.

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