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🔴 Watch Action Ted Levine In Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (2018) Full Movie Stream Online Free Access

watch action ted levine in jurassic world fallen kingdom (2018) full movie stream online free access
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Uploaded by: jamarione
Date: 2020-03-05 03:00:41
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A more than apparent harmony unites this "The destroyed kingdom" to the "Lost world" of 1997. There is the risk that it is more than a temptation to redo a sequel to there Spielberg. The narrative mechanisms overlap: are we once again in the shores as safe as they are involved in the remake-copy, with quotations and respects?

Well the intertextual character is right, also due to the producer / god who coordinates and takes the name of Steven Spielberg. But while "Jurassic World" was clearly an imitation of the progenitor taken as a model (take "The awakening of force" as an example), "The destroyed kingdom" chooses a less anonymous allusiveness, saving the text from a worrying identity denied at the start .

Isla Nublar is in a wild natural state, a group of mercenaries has the task of appropriating the dinosaurs to sell them, while ours would like to foil their plans and avoid a new extinction by removing some species from the eruption of the island's volcano. Contour elements that modify the context settle on a beaten canvas, for a few moments crunches of fatigue are felt in an abundantly spoken incipit, vexed by a certain descriptive monotony of the characters, ascribable to the practices of a clumsy and caricatural use that seems inseparable from this type of production. The character typologies in their place, the plot advances on autopilot; So where does this second chapter of the "World" saga turn from the coded structure?

He never does it with extreme decision, but the expected step comes in small impulses of renewal which are then connected to the myth of the progenitor, with a new visual research. The T-Rex in the incipit that moves in the pouring rain, in the darkness of its hunting environment; or the majestic and gloomy scene that relocates the brachiosaurus after the eruption at the center of the amazement of the public (and the protagonists); or the horrifying tension of the indoraptor that hunts prey in the nocturnal silence of the full moon. In these moments "The destroyed kingdom" announces its autonomy while carrying out its intrinsic trigger on the Spielbergian text. There is nothing wrong, indeed it would seem impossible not to play with the history of the brand or the brutalization of the already codified would turn into another dangerous "Jurassic Park III".

But precisely they are impulses in a cold magma, frozen in a still arrembante game of mirrors, in which to turn you come across the same film clone for families. There is too much anonymity in this monster fair, and if for the first it could also be a para-textual choice that of the genetically inflated and reiterated show (as the park proposed), here you risk a fair of action scenes devoid of diegesis, suitable for the consumption of the image, of the only vision without a veil, without cinema.

"The destroyed kingdom" unbalances its possibilities, risking interesting themes (human cloning, the feared planetary entropy due to new genetic discoveries) that ride the wave of environmentalist reflection. Yet the container is always that of the blockbuster and inevitably prevails. As prevails on the author's visible strength, the director Juan Antonio Bayona ("Seven minutes after midnight"). Its possibilities are limited, but the writing sometimes bends to its needs and the places where the second part develops are the walls of a villa, an absolute novelty in this sense, supported by a successful and personal modeling of the material. Bayona bends the shadows, plays with the lights (also in the prologue) and gives a gloomy aura never staged by the franchise. They appear as moments of profound indecision in which "The destroyed kingdom" stumbles between the too well known and the pleasant tantrums of Bayona's director who tries to break the mold; moments in which one wonders what the franchise awaits in the third act: yet another static involution between semblances of new sensations or the risk of a total artistic revival?

The ending is, as in the first, dramatically paroxysmal, on the edge of the series B film and pairs with the humanizing cry of the velociraptor (and the grinning indoraptor). Too ridiculous moments that would make sense if the franchise had the courage to totally let go of this type of writing suspended between the crazy and the parodic, and therefore the ending bodes well for a possible risk that will lift the "Jurassic World" saga from the trivial and soon forgettable commercial recycling.

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