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🔴 Watch Michael Shannon, Lauren Lee Smith, Jayden Greig, And Madison Ferguson In The Shape Of Water (2017) Full Movie

watch michael shannon, lauren lee smith, jayden greig, and madison ferguson in the shape of water (2017) full movie
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Date: 2020-03-05 03:10:08
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Winner and nominated for the Golden Globes, The Shape Of Water, is one of the most anticipated films of 2018. The Shape Of Water was the most talked about at the 74th Venice International Film Festival, where he won the golden lion to the best direction.
Guillermo del Toro has taken home many other awards such as Golden Globes for best director, best actress (Sally Hawkins) and could be one of the Oscar-nominated films.

The Shape of Water, the review of Guillermo Del Toro's film

With The Shape Of Water, Guillermo Del Toro returned to create a macabre and grotesque fairy tale built on the concept of the different and the "freak".

Elisa is a dumb woman who lives with her homosexual friend Giles (Richard Jenkins) and works as a cleaning lady in a government laboratory with a black woman, Zelda (Octavia Spencer).
The colleagues will discover that a humanoid amphibian is kept hidden inside the laboratory, in which Elisa will find eyes that can really see her as she is. The American government wants to exploit this creature for military purposes, they study it and torture it. Finally the protagonist with the help of her friends will try to save him.

Del Toro with this film winks at several films that have become part of pop culture, and pop culture itself. Like The Monster of the Black Lagoon, Jack Arnold's 1954 film. The director demonstrates a strong love for the monster that seems to have been caught by the Amazon River, in Arnold's film, and locked up in Del Toro's Baltimore laboratory.
In general it takes inspiration from a series of B-Movies from the 50s-60s inhabited by monsters.
In the protagonist Elisa (Sally Hawkins), moreover, the character of Amelie of "The fabulous world of Amelie" is easily found. In the "different" and innocent who will gather to save the monster then lies the cinematographic legacy left by Spielberg with E.T
1960s and pop culture

The film is set in 1962. The 1960s are the years of pop art, photography and advertising. Elements therefore belonging to the imagination of these years that fills the spaces of the city with signs, posters and drawings that cover the study of Giles, friend of Elisa, now considered obsolete and not appealing by his advertising company.
Then we have another symbol of America in these years: the Cadillac. Automobile elitist symbol of the white of power, driven by Colonel Strickland (Michael Shannon) and breadwinner.

Spaces, especially interiors, are few and can be distinguished between those of the laboratory with those of the protagonists' residences, above all by color.
For example, an elite white family with patinated colors reminiscent of advertising campaigns for cereals is photographed from inside their home.
In Elisa's house, on the other hand, warm colors, disorderly furnishings, light and shadows are reminiscent of once again the fairytale atmosphere of Amelie. What never fails is green.

Especially in the laboratory there is this color that recalls the brackish water in which the creature is immersed. Gradually the greenish water will overflow outside the laboratory to reach the city with its billboards, houses and cars. When the monster is freed from its chains, like King Kong, water will flood the city and every frame of the film will be drenched in it.

As in C. Cooper's King Kong, The Shape of Water is a film in which wild nature, including human instincts, have no control. Like sexuality that is not a taboo, even a non-human, deaf and homosexual creature have sexual instincts. The conventionally unnatural affirms itself as a force that overwhelms and sweeps away what is not natural: repression. Repressed in fact seems to be the commander of the laboratory who studies how to increase his estimate, probably a sign of inadequacy. He oppresses the wild nature of the creature and repels Zelda and Elisa. His body seems to reject everything that is uncontaminated or not pure, even his fingers torn from him by the creature are rejected by his own organism.


In general The Shape Of Water is the film that returns to deal with a series of works by Del toro that tell the reality through an apparently disillusioned and simplistic point of view. Like the Labyrinth of the Faun which embodies the drama of the innocent and the revenge of the outcast.
Del Toro also with his latest work demonstrates a sophisticated choice in scenography and photography that is explored through an inevitably fluid and harmonious direction for a film like this, in which water is the fundamental element. Water that becomes a link between sequences, thanks to an intelligent and ironic assembly, and between different dimensions such as the dream, the imagination and the real.

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