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🔴 Watch Biography Francois Cluzet, Anne Le Ny, And Omar Sy In Intouchables (2011) Inceadible Full Movie Hd

watch biography francois cluzet, anne le ny, and omar sy in intouchables (2011) inceadible full movie hd
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Date: 2020-03-09 02:57:24
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Let's take two men and remark as many differences as possible.
The first, the Frenchman Philippe, is a mature and distinguished white man, paraplegic and rich, cultured and apparently cold, he listens to Vivaldi and collects paintings of great value, has a noble house and uses a refined language, especially through correspondence with the other sex.
The second, the Senegalese Driss, is a seemingly immature and shameless black man, he enjoys excellent health but little money, all too expansive, but struggles to weave relationships with his family, chat using slang and low languages, listen to the Earth, Wind & Fire does not know how to distinguish a valuable painting from another rough one (or maybe yes?), With the opposite sex the goal is to immediately get to the point.

Two unapproachable personalities, who just in an antirealistic film could meet, collide, get closer. But no: "Les intouchables", albeit with fictional licenses - Philippe's alter ego was actually called Abdel and was Maghrebian - is based on a true story. The real Philippe enthusiastically welcomed the project of a film dedicated to its history, but on one condition: it had to be a comedy, a fun work.
And if this is attributable to the only possible reserve, that is to deal only transversely with some gray and melancholic shades that have made many films of the Italian comedy immortal, the film by the couple Olivier Nakache and Éric Toledano admirably achieves its goal: it makes you laugh a lot and does it with the right weapons. With a not insignificant detail: the beauty of twenty thousand spectators who flocked to the French box office, made it one of the greatest commercial successes in the history of transalpine cinema. With obvious and unfortunate results: both the United States and Italy have more or less immediate remakes in the pipeline.

From the beginning, in addition to the personalities of the two protagonists, the social states in which they act emerge: the first prisoner in a luxurious, house surrounded by servants and a teenage and problematic daughter, the second small fish of the banlieue, in contact with their own kind and with a family consisting of an aunt and cousins-brothers. The meeting between Philippe and Drissa is to be understood, therefore, as a full-fledged family completion (but also a way to appreciate what you already had), as well as a fulfillment of your cultural-sentimental background, where more than for the interchangeability of roles, the demarcations that come to the surface are necessary to develop and balance semi-hidden or completely unexplored aspects of one's own being. This is the enrichment of mutual donation of the two protagonists, but theirs is above all a relationship of great friendship (superfluous the "almost" of the Italian title). A friendship that probably the same two characters involved would deny, at least until that final escape towards a light but triumphant liberation.

By deciding to deal with a similar subject in the form of comedy, one must first of all deal with an inevitable morality: allowed incorrectness, accepted transgressions, legitimate inventions, low gaffes, what delimits the acceptance of the final result by an ethically refusal allowed lies in a single, inevitable question: to laugh at the invalid or to laugh together with him? Denigrate the misfortune or face it with a smile by taking the paraplegic by the hand? What makes "Almost Friends" a really fun movie is the lack of exploitation of the disabled.
In the film there is an interconnection between the shades of the film and the mood / humor of the couple of protagonists, which end up being fully enjoyable. Thanks also to two actors, the expert François Cluzet and the young Omar Sy, in a state of grace.

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