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watch premium tell no one (2006) full stream movie online
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Date: 2020-03-09 03:23:47
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Alex Beck (François Cluzet) and his wife Margot (Marie-Josée Croze) go to the Chairmaine lake to celebrate the anniversary of their first kiss, engraving the nineteenth notch in a heart carved on the bark of a tree. Evening falls and the two swim to the raft. After a brief discussion, Margot dives and reaches the wharf, disappearing and shouting: Alex rushes to his aid, but once he reaches the ladder he is hit by two blows that put him out of action.

Eight years later. Doctor Beck, pediatrician of a Parisian clinic, receives an anonymous email on the eve of the twenty-seventh anniversary: ​​"Clique sur ce lien, date anniversaire, 18h 15", followed by a link. Is Margot Still Alive? Wasn't she killed by the serial killer accused of her death? It is the beginning of a journey into the past, between ghosts that return and a reality that is tinged with absurdity.

Adapted from Harlan Coben's 2001 novel Tell No One (which in the film makes an appearance on the sidewalk of a train station), Ne le dis à personne is the second feature by Guillaume Canet, French actor, director, producer and screenwriter born on 10 April 1973 in Boulogne-Billancourt (city south-west of Paris). After Mon idole (2001), a dramatic comedy starring among others by his wife Diane Kruger (marriage lasted from 2001 to 2006, after which Guillaume became linked to Marion Cotillard), Canet goes to polar, transposing the very successful Coban thriller (translated into 27 languages, more than 6 million copies sold worldwide) and carving out the small but very uncomfortable role of Philippe Neuville, the most blistered apple in the basket.

Backed in the screenplay by his friend Philippe Lefèbvre (with whom he had previously collaborated for Mon idole and also actor in Do not tell anyone in the part of the flic Philippe Meynard), Canet conceives an adaptation halfway between the loyalty and the betrayal of the original text. If the first hour of the film (which lasts 125 ') basically reflects the narrative scan of the novel, the second half is characterized by shifts in increasingly significant sequences and dramaturgical alterations (such as the ectomorphic torturer, who in the book was a Korean with hardened hands like Bruce Lee), until culminating in the actual rewriting of the ending that changes the identity of the murderer (Coben has not only authorized the changes but has even declared that the conclusion of the film is better than that of the book).

Greeted by an extremely favorable reception of the public and critics (more than three million spectators and four César 2007 prizes: best direction, best editing, best leading actor and best music), Ne le dis à personne widely deserves the success achieved: mouth-watering cast (in addition to François Cluzet, Marie-Joseé Croze, André Dussollier, Kristin Scott Thomas, Nathalie Baye, Jean Rochefort and Olivier Marchal stand out), rhythm without failings, direction without smudges and without excessive frills, characters built with skill, dramatic crescendo pressing and high emotional temperature although below the threshold of tear-jerking pathetism.

But the real ace in the hole of this polar with melted veins is the Parisian setting: transplanting in France a story deeply rooted in the American reality (Tell No One takes place mainly in Manhattan and the surrounding area), Canet shows how in 2006 the French genre was perfectly capable of reterritorializing the US thriller from a fully autonomous perspective. Paris has nothing to envy in New York as a metropolitan set: urban variety, social stratification and ethnic diversity do not lack the capital of the Hexagon. Here then, the face to face between Dr. Beck and the Latin American Hugo Gonzales of the novel translates into the film in a head to head between Alex and a banlieuesard beautifully played by Jalil Lespert.

Here the fateful appointment in Washington Square moves effortlessly to Parc Monceau. And here, above all, that the escape of Doctor Beck hunted by the agents in the buildings of Harlem becomes a crossing of the busy boulevard péripherique followed by a run at breakneck speed in the Marché Biron of Saint-Ouen. Far from ending in unrealistic emulation, the geographical location enhances the metropolitan frenzy and follows the practice of parkour by Parisian traceurs: a shining example of urban, physical and cinematographic re-enactment at the same time. Canet's is not a French-speaking thriller that clumsily copies American models (which happened in 2000 with Alain Berbérian's Six-Pack), but a polar fabric woven with melon and full of action that, in addition to testifying the talent of the thirty-three year old filmmaker, certifies that the genre has been freed from American influences at the beginning of the decade. Starting from the title: Ne le dis à personne, non Tell No One.

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