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🔴 Watch Premium Mark Dacascos In Le Pacte Des Loups (2001) Full Movie Subtitle English

watch premium mark dacascos in le pacte des loups (2001) full movie subtitle english
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Uploaded by: ephram
Date: 2020-03-09 05:18:55
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Luxury packaging for yet another French attempt (this year is also the bad "Belfagor") to imitate overseas blockbusters. Too bad that in addition to a large production, there is nothing to support the project. The story would also have a dark charm, but director Christophe Gans seems to be concerned solely with putting the camera in the most extreme positions. At first the visual care strikes, but the excess of virtuosity quickly becomes free: not only does it not add anything, but it disastrously ruins the atmosphere. So here are the usual fights (in 1764 France were martial arts all the rage?) Choreographed as ballets, through the succession of details that do not allow the viewer to understand much of what is going on. The script, then, makes water from all sides and to the main story, badly connects a whole series of unnecessary and redundant episodes, which instead of thickening the mystery, debase it. It also sticks to the protagonist a love story without bravery, as improbable as it is devoid of passion. The long-awaited beast, which for most of the film is only named, when it appears does not give any shiver: the jerky movements due to a computer graphics not updated at the time are still evident ("Jurassic Park" docet). Even the actors, combined with characters without depth, do not convince.

The protagonist Samuel LeBihan has "le phisique", but always combed and shaved and, above all, without a modicum of irony, he has no credibility or bite. The marble Mark Dacascos, on the other hand, with a zen philosophy of inspiration to inspire him, gives more than a moment of involuntary humor. Vincent Cassel, with the face he finds himself, is now subscribed to the role of unhealthy courtier, but his character is perhaps the most ridiculous of the film. Unrecognizable Emilie Duquenne, from the tough "Rosetta" to the insipid Marianne doll. As for Monica Bellucci, she is confirmed beautiful without a soul. Evocative and inaccessible in the glossy flashes of fashion magazines, it loses much of its charm in front of the camera. Among other things, he insists not to be dubbed, often eating his words and "out of tune" almost all the jokes.

Yet the public seems to like and flock: in France above all (there are five million spectators), but also in the rest of Europe. What can we say, we hope that the French "grandeur" will find a way to balance the visual talent with the sense of the story, looking for a personal way that does not plunder from the worst of Hollywood productions.

One last note: is it possible that, once again, a man alone in front of a hundred enemies, is facing them one at a time? Meanwhile, the others who do, play cards?

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Samuel Le Bihan In Le Pacte Des Loups (2001) 2
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Samuel Le Bihan In Le Pacte Des Loups (2001)
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Monica Bellucci And Emilie Dequenne In Le Pacte Des Loups (2001)
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Le Pacte Des Loups (2001) 2
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Mark Dacascos In Le Pacte Des Loups (2001)
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Le Pacte Des Loups (2001)

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