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🔴 Watch Premium Gary Lewis In Joyeux Noel (2005) Full Movie Online Streaming

watch premium gary lewis in joyeux noel (2005) full movie online streaming
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Uploaded by: cliffe
Date: 2020-03-12 02:11:01
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1914. A quiet country church dispersed in Scotland.

Little brother, stop painting on sacred statues. War has been declared and in this way our life will mean something. You have to take advantage of it. The priest turns amazed and does not utter a word. A draft generated by the opening of the squeaky wooden door takes away the flames from the candles that have just been lit. The same wind will hit the battlefield to take away much more. At the Berlin Opera a sweet female voice partially veiled by a blue cloak sings the Ave Maria. The interruption is sudden. War declared. The tenor ready to step on the boards of the stage is forced to relegate the stage wig for a while. He has to leave for the front. Same thing goes for the French lieutenant. Son of a general who didn't recommend him so well. Instead of putting his ass in the heat, for reasons of prestige he sends him to melt the snow crystals that settle on the planks in the trench.

England, France and Germany: three nations at war over the division of a few pieces of land. It is now known that war is absurd. I have to go to die because some powerful person has thought of putting his hands on a State other than his own. Whether it's right or wrong, nothing I can be directly interested in. In the trenches you die, the assaults multiply, the officers are ferocious beasts without dignity, it's cold. In two days it's Christmas. My little brother was shot to death by the enemy and nothing will stop me from hating the latter. In the partially starry sky, the rockets are launched to prevent any attacks by the enemy. He is there, a few tens of meters from the trench but I cannot recover it. I run the risk of getting a bullet and I have already been far too cowardly to let it dissolve on the pavement.

Carion's work, characterized by a good script, does not leave much room for military actions. The director prefers to dwell on the soldiers' moods, on the short glances that can mean so much, on what the unique atmosphere like the Christmas one can provoke in people's hearts. The beautiful clear eyes of the soldier just killed, those lying covered with soft snow, the wet ones mourning a dead companion. Bitter feelings. Tomorrow is Christmas. The voice has a recommendation from the Emperor, and for Christmas it is sung to cheer the sufferings of the officers who are not at the front. In the trenches the tenor receives a letter that allows him to accompany his wife to singing. An opportunity to feel some real warmth but friends in the trenches should not be overlooked.

The Lord is about to be born and even in wartime a miracle can be helpful. Scots always have a bagpipe in tow. The priest embraces her and between a shiver of cold and one of hope begins to blow. The sound that spreads is very sweet. Never felt a more beautiful thing. The hearts begin to heat up even if a touch of disbelief and a suspicion leak out. The tenor, returned with a blond angel, responds to the most beautiful of fires. "Stille Nacht" is the German greeting to the enemies from across the Alps and overseas. The voice is beautiful and you can't resist that much. The British team up with the German enemy to perform the most exciting of the "Adeste fideles". Concert for orchestra of infantrymen and gunners with voice and bagpipes.

Small Christmas trees sprout from the trenches and what looked like a mirror for larks to attract the enemy is nothing but the Christmas miracle. Truce. A handshake, compliments on the voice and on the lady. Between a few bitten words and a gesture, those men who until a moment before were ready to eliminate each other left the trenches to exchange greetings for the Nativity. At Christmas they also exchange gifts and even a touch of dark chocolate, a bottle of sparkling wine kindly offered from the rear or a lean meal can be fine. But why do we have to hate each other? What did you do for me to kill you? The lighting rockets turn into fireworks and as far as possible a triangular football tournament or a card game is organized. Too bad that miracles do not last long.

I don't celebrate. Dear enemy, thank the one who is being born that there is a truce. I can't kill you but remember that you killed my brother. Bastard! I'm going to search for the corpses tonight. I write to my mother that we are both still alive. I sleep next to him tonight. And I don't forget. The truce ends but the courage to go back to fighting is totally missing. The powerful do not have a heart but those who die on the field, with the exception of a few wary, yes. Another miracle occurs. Today our artillery should hit on the coordinates that include your trenches. Come and take refuge in ours. It is beautiful and as usual it lasts too little. We must leave for Russia. Maybe we'll meet again when everything ends. The powerful force us to board the train that will run towards death. We send them to the ass murmuring the hymn of peace that had made us human at Christmas.

Beautiful work by the French director, who tells, as the subtitle highlights, a story forgotten by history. Humanity torn away from the atrocities of the war suddenly returns to celebrate a Christmas that is a little different from the others. Perhaps the most beautiful. Effective the music of Philippe Rombi and a beautiful photograph that embellishes this film nominated for an Oscar and Golden Globe in 2005. Obviously, as usual, he did not have the due acknowledgments and went quietly in the cinema circuits.

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