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🔴 Stream Online Richard Ellis In I Am Not Okay With This (2020) Full Movie Watch Free Online

stream online richard ellis in i am not okay with this (2020) full movie watch free online
Streaming 1080p
Streaming 1080p
Uploaded by: earleye
Date: 2020-03-12 03:01:31
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Netflix does not give up and continues to offer new products to its public. This week a new series has arrived on the platform: I Am Not Okay With This, of which we offer our review. The series, taken from the graphic novel by Charles Forsman, is a very particular product. Halfway between The End of the F *** ing World and Stranger Things, the series brings to the screen the unique adventures of Sydney Novak, played by Sophia Lillis, already known to the public for her role in IT. Again at his side is Wyatt Oleff, in the role of Stan, his neighbor and friend. The director is Jonathan Entwistle who directed The End of the F *** ing World and who also appears as a co-creator with Christy Hall. But without going any further, let's analyze the series better in our review, trying to understand what worked and what slightly less.

The Plot - I Am Not Okay With This Review

I Am Not Okay With This tells the apparently banal life of Sydney Novak, a shy and insecure seventeen year old. Sydney has recently lost her father, a loss that has marked her irreparably and has further exacerbated the already complicated relationship she has with her mother. The only people he seems to open up to most are his little brother Liam and his best friend Dina. But Sydney soon realizes that the feelings that bind her to Dina transcend friendship. This situation and the precarious balance at home lead her to accumulate anger very often. One day by chance, in an explosion of anger, he eradicates a road sign, remaining incredulous. From then on, he discovers he has supernatural powers. With the help of Stan, his weird neighbor with a golden heart, he will try to better understand these supernatural powers and prevent them from always having control over her.

Let's go into our review of I Am Not Okay With This, retracing the events and the characters. At the center of the story is clearly the representation of a teenager in his most complicated period. Then we add the sudden death and without any explanation of the father. Syd is upset, angry and sad because she is unable to understand the reasons for this event. The situation further complicates the relationship with the mother. A woman too busy from work and from the responsibility of running a family. She does not realize the pain that her daughter has felt in losing her father, on the contrary she seems angry with her husband. A man who does not have to face the reality that surrounds him and who has left the most difficult task selfishly to her. So in Syd's eyes she is the bad parent. To all this already complex psychological context are added the supernatural powers that Syd seems to have.

After their umpteenth manifestation, the girl feels even more frightened by not being able to control them. It is as if his body refuses to keep any form of dissent within him and feels the need to release this accumulated anger. Beside him is Stan with his exuberant and extroverted personality. His is an extraordinary character, perhaps a little wacky, but one who cannot help but love. It represents a breath of fresh air and positivity in Syd's flat life. A relationship that seems to be very important for Syd, however, is that with Dina; his best friend, the only person he can open up to and confide in. His relationship with the handsome schoolboy risks compromising their friendship. Another character that you can't help but love is Liam, Syd's little brother. Small but incredibly intelligent, he already knows he has grown too fast.

Technical Considerations - I Am Not Okay With This Review

The problem with the series is the distribution of the story. The main theme was only partially mentioned to leave the focus of the plot in the possible subsequent season. The bets are 7, for a duration ranging from 19 to 28 minutes, and this is not a big problem, indeed it makes it very light and perfect for a binge watching. The problem is that the story has a rather slow pace. We see Syd, her life, her relationships and this is fine, after all it serves to empathize with her. However, his powers are mentioned only sporadically and only close to the end is the mystery linked to them introduced, together with that of his father. In short, there is an unbalanced distribution of the material that makes the first part of the season seem slightly flatter. A flatness that is not synonymous with poverty of events, but only with rhythm.

Another interesting note is the way the narrative is structured. It is a double frame. Syd tells his life to a diary in which he has to write down his thoughts and at the same time he shares it with us spectators, through the voiceover. The actors absolutely convince; Sophia Lillis manages to give voice to all those teenagers who keep everything inside and would only like to explode. Wyatt Oleff creates an intelligent Stan, stubborn but at the same time sweet and shy. The dialogues are intelligent, well written and involve the viewer who is undoubtedly intrigued by the story and the flashforwards that anticipate the finale. Another extremely positive note goes to photography and colors. Each scene is chromatically balanced, from costumes to settings, from colors such as ocher to brown, to blue and red. The icing on the cake is definitely the soundtrack, perfect for every turn of the plot.

Final considerations

So we conclude our review of I Am Not Okay With This by recommending absolutely the vision. It is a light and fun product with shades that tend to dark and supernatural. The protagonists make the vision enjoyable and many will meet again in Syd. The series then manages to treat with realism, touch and attention one of the most complex periods that all the boys go through, with its swing of ups and downs. The mystery surrounding Syd involves the viewer who would like to get to the end immediately. The only criticism that we can make is precisely that of the excessive imbalance in the distribution of the story, but it is certainly a choice made in anticipation of a second season in which to better investigate the topics. Excluding the somewhat slow pace in the first part of the season, the series has all the cards to be a good entertainment product; we look forward to the second.

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