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Uploaded by: jayson
Date: 2020-03-12 03:10:34
Viewed: 136 times - 9 hour, 29 minute, 37 second ago

If from the release to the cinema, in 1976, of Carrie - The gaze of Satan, adaptation for the big screen of his first best seller, Stephen King has always had a very close relationship with cinema and television, there is no doubt, however, that in the last years, in particular since the arrival in the IT room of Andy Muschietti in 2017, this author and his works are experiencing a period of renewed success. The films and series taken from his stories and novels are no longer counted and the trend, compared to the negligible adaptations of the 80s and 90s, is a clear improvement in terms of quality and adherence to the original material. In the review of The Outsider, HBO miniseries written by Richard Price and based on the novel of the same name, we will see how this new transposition is among the best produced so far, because it takes up the story and characters created by King with care and consistency and transforms them into something original and at the same time perfectly suited to the new format.

The first impression that this series leaves us is therefore that of a "typically Kinghian" product that evolves and renews itself, proposing elements of other successful HBO crimes such as True Detective and The Night Of, in particular the dark and extremely suggestive atmospheres . Compared to the original material, The Outsider takes an even darker path, exploring and deepening situations that were only hinted at in the novel (such as the suicide on screen of one of the characters) and, as we will see, making the past of its protagonists more dramatic and painful .

A plot that expands without being distorted

The story begins with a violent and gruesome murder: the body of a child is found dead in a park in Cherokee City, Georgia, covered in saliva and torn with bites. The evidence, both physical and DNA, but also that provided by numerous eyewitnesses, all seem to be directed against Terry Maitland (Jason Bateman), father of the family and coach of the much loved local baseball team in the community. Ralph Anderson (Ben Mendelsohn), a detective who recently lost his only son, convinced of his guilt decides to arrest Terry during a game, in front of his family and hundreds of other people. Soon, however, things get complicated, Terry can in fact demonstrate that on the day of the murder he was somewhere else and, even in this case, eyewitnesses and irrefutable traces of DNA confirm his version. Can a man be in two places at the same time? Is there a plausible explanation for these seemingly inexplicable circumstances? Over time Ralph and all the other people involved in the investigation will realize that logic and rationality cannot help them solve the case, but that someone, or something, much more diabolical and obscure could be the real culprit.

To talk about The Outsider, we cannot avoid comparing it with the novel from which it is based, above all because of its transposition, choices were made that at first surprised us, but which then managed to convince us. One of the most evident differences between miniseries and original material is found in the narrative development, in particular in the choice to give less space to the investigations that lead to the capture of Terry and to the period before the trial. This part, which is definitely the most successful part of the novel, is limited to the first two episodes here, and we do not hide that we were initially rather displaced by this decision. This portion of the story, which if we want is the most crime and in the "ropes" of the HBO serial production, occupies more than a third of King's work and it seemed at first a mistake to neglect it in this way. Proceeding in the vision, however, we realized that it is a winning choice: after the first episodes, in fact, the plot expands compared to the novel, enriching itself with details and compelling storylines, also deepening some of the secondary characters (which were originally described more superficially). The most supernatural part of the story (and don't want to be here for the little spoiler on the origins of the outsider, the villain of the series) becomes, unexpectedly, much more interesting and progressively more engaging.

A series based on an excellent cast

To make The Outsider a series not to be missed is not only the captivating plot but also the excellent cast of performers. The choices made for the main characters - in particular Mendelsohn, Bateman and Cynthia Erivo in the role of Holly Gibney - could not be better: we rarely say it, but the faces given to the protagonists of the series reflect much as we had imagined them during reading the novel. Ben Mendelsohn, who is also among the producers, is extremely credible in the role of the detective tormented by remorse, driven by the need to find a culprit but radically opposed to any supernatural explanation. As for his character, moreover, we found that the death of his son Derek (who was alive and well in the novel but distant from the facts) leaves room for deeper reflection and makes the motivations that guide him much more complex. This means that even the sometimes difficult relationship with his wife Jeannie (Mare Winningham) acquires a more central and interesting role.

The other great discovery of the series is undoubtedly Cynthia Erivo, who manages to give life, in an absolutely plausible way, to one of the most particular and fascinating characters of the novel, the private detective Holly Gibney, endowed with extraordinary intelligence but with series difficulties in social relationships. Erivo, who could limit himself to an over-the-top interpretation treading on Holly's eccentricities, instead creates a more restrained character but, precisely for this reason, unexpectedly realistic and at the same time attractive. Finally, special mention should be made to Jason Bateman who, although his presence is rather limited, shifts from the role of loving father of the family to that of heinous and feelingless killer with extraordinary skill. The scene in which a young witness sees him leaving the crime scene with his face completely covered in blood is, for example, among the most disturbing moments in the whole series.

An adaptation that improves the novel

Summing up what has been said so far The Outsider manages to take the novel from which it is taken, which, however interesting and well written, cannot be considered one of King's masterpieces, and do something more, finding the perfect balance between the atmospheres created by this author and the themes that characterize many of the crime series produced by HBO. The stories created by King are not easy to adapt, many past failed attempts are proof of it, but, in the case of The Outsider, it seems to us that the right formula has been found to bring a complex novel like this to the small screen, without ever distort it and at the same time managing to enrich it. Who knows that in the future we cannot take inspiration from what HBO has done for other stories by the prolific author of Maine, who would deserve transpositions that will finally honor him.


We conclude this review of The Outsider by reiterating how this HBO miniseries, an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Stephen King, has pleasantly surprised us. The series takes up the story and characters created by King with care and consistency, transforming them into something new and original and bringing them closer to the best known crime products of HBO for atmospheres. Excellent the cast, in particular Ben Mendelsohn, Jason Bateman (who is also the director of the first two episodes) and the extraordinary Cynthia Erivo in the role of Holly Gibney.

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