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🔴 Stream Online Giancarlo Esposito In Better Call Saul (2015) Watch Increadible Full Movie

stream online giancarlo esposito in better call saul (2015) watch increadible full movie
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Uploaded by: ezzarde
Date: 2020-03-12 10:34:02
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Defining the narrative universe of Breaking Bad with a word is difficult, if not impossible, because no word fully encompasses the sense of completeness that this priceless heritage of television contains in every narrative plot. It is a product much more similar to the heterogeneous harmony of chaos and balance that is real life than the criminal setting reveals at first glance. Son of Tarantino's cinema, this narrative universe does not have exclusively good characters, and is very close to our hidden desires of individualistic revenge. He paints a cycle of frescoes representing the unresolved sensation that smokes the heart during existence and which, at an unspecified moment in life, causes the ventricles to burst. Frescoes that, although in Breaking Bad are more majestic, in Better Call Saul have never been so detailed.

The entire spin-off series - which we can quote an exact word to call it, "expected" - is a continuous expansion of the strong emotions experienced with the mother series, but which, being precisely dilated, distance the elements of the composition, allowing us to look at them more closely with almost academic interest. This had happened almost grueling during the fourth season, confirming a fact that with the new season of Better Call Saul it became official: it is the best television product currently in circulation and it is precisely for the way it can make us deliberately wait. This is because we know exactly how it will end, but at the same time we can only feel anxiety about the two novelties: Gene and Kim.

After the fourth season we were ready to see a real atomic bomb explode in the life of Kim and Jimmy, longing for that typical mood of Breaking Bad that Better Call Saul was still struggling to achieve. Put aside this expectation, the enjoyment of the fifth season derives entirely from this awareness: what we expect will not come yet for a season, but the preparations are now over. We still don't know if Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould will want to write a sixth season in Breaking Bad style, but after the fifth one we realize that we had never really needed it.

The two series are different even if they overlap and this is precisely what makes Better Call Saul a more refined product. The direction, photography and screenplay of the fifth season confirm this, with a series of episodes that are small poems. The eighth in particular makes the series conquer an unparalleled primacy among today's television series, thanks to a dramatic architecture full of symbolisms and re-enactments that definitively mark the transition from one series to another, albeit implicitly.

In the course of a single episode Jimmy follows the entire psychological excursus of Walter White, dragging mountains of money into the desert, risking his life and physically destroying the two symbols that represent his soul, transforming himself into Saul Goodman: the car, which until that moment was the metaphorical connector between Saul and Jimmy's good intentions, is abandoned in the desert, as well as the thermal blanket, reminiscent of Chuck, is first used to implement a survival plan that goes wrong, and then is left in a bathroom of blood. What happens in the next two episodes will add the tension that is needed to complete a picture that has never been ready to narrate an announced tragedy.

The great mystery of Better Call Saul: Kim Wexler

The co-star of Better Call Saul never seems to want to stop surprising us, becoming the true center of attention of the spectator. Kim continues a psychological path which, seen from a certain distance, is strengthening her character, but is weakening her psychologically. The path taken by the two lawyers is constantly descending, towards a dark abyss that if for Jimmy he exalts us - because he will be in Breaking Bad - for Terror he terrifies us. The huge question mark of the series is no longer what will become of them as a couple, but of her as a human being. Like Jimmy, one season later, she too makes her choice, sending everything definitively into the air and laying the foundations for a sixth season to say the least worrying.

The truth, which we have always known and which Jimmy discovers in this last episode, is that the presence of one in the other's life is not a two-way balance, but damage for Kim. Jimmy's closeness seems to encourage her to make decisions made more to keep up with her husband than for her sake and the end of the season confirms the worst we feared for her: her future remains hazy, but it seems directed towards a destination out of control of both. A character that finally emerges or a monster created by Jimmy himself? Whatever the answer, all we ask Gilligan and Gould and to structure it in a delicate and understandable way, because when the worst happens, we may not be ready.

Better Call Saul thus moves towards its natural conclusion with a series of perfect, tragic and almost unexpected human assumptions, namely that at this point the protagonist is no longer the unknown factor of the narrative. Jimmy's journey is almost complete, unlike that of Nacho, Kim and Howard, who will have to face the first with a Lalo Salamanca beyond our expectations, becoming the most fascinating member of this family in the entire saga, the second with the misdeeds of Saul, which have now got out of hand. A series conclusion that, just like Breaking Bad, heralds a total collapse of the protagonists, who will be able to do nothing in the face of the crumbling of what they have so badly built to meet their needs. The real question, now, is the most intriguing one: what will happen to Gene?

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