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🔴 Stream Mystery Natalie Paul In The Sinner (2017) Watch It 1080p Free

stream mystery natalie paul in the sinner (2017) watch it 1080p free
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Date: 2020-03-12 11:01:14
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The Sinner, the crime drama produced and played by Jessica Biel arrives in Italy, for the first time in the clear on a TV channel. Appreciated by critics and audiences (with a rating of 94 percent on Rotten Tomatoes), this product gone broadcast on USA Network in August 2017 and based on the novel by Petra Hammesfahr, it is an excellent example of how a police investigation story is made, focusing on the psychiatric analysis of the murderer (or murderer, in this case), in an empathic way and free from judgment. The European hand (the author of the novel from which the series is taken is German) is perceptible precisely from this analytical and apologetic approach of the crime, far from the portrait of the monster slammed on the front page of a lot of genre narrative, an approach that allows the viewer , now weaned at bread and crime shows, to go deep, straight to the heart and mind of the protagonist.

The Sinner: the thin line between normality and madness

Dorchester, New York State. A family like many spends its days in the most usual of routines. Cora Lacey (Jessica Biel) divides her time between her husband Mason Tannetti (Christopher Abbott) 's family business and caring for her son Laine. Except for a certain rivalry with her mother-in-law Lorna (Patti D'Arbanville), everything seems to proceed serenely towards a peaceful Saturday at the sea, during which Cora - taken from a sudden raptus - stabs a boy sitting on the sand, not far from her and from his family. Intrigued by the atypical nature of the case, detective Harry Ambrose (Bill Pullman) decides to deepen the experience of Cora, coming to unearth completely unexpected truths.

Over the course of the eight episodes, the viewer will be guided on a thrilling journey into the maze of the psyche of a highly traumatized person and will observe how violence and the repression of instincts can provoke an irreparable breaking point. We will go back to the cause that lies behind an apparently inexplicable gesture, making the separation wall between normal people and crazy murders increasingly thin.

I proved my thesis. I have shown that there is no difference between me and anyone else! A bad day is enough to turn the best of men into a madman. (Joker - Batman: The Killing Joke, Alan Moore 1988)

In the determination of Detective Ambrose, who goes beyond his role to trace the real reconstruction of the causes of the murder, this game of mirrors between the executioner and the executioners is emphasized. From one side of the defendant to the other, we find ourselves facing that symbolic cage with which society - so ruthless, sometimes - surrounds each individual: for this reason the compassion, which survives in the outsider Ambrose, is the only one element in which the protagonist can hope for her rehabilitation. Where everything is normalized, by law, family and religion, those who deviate from the path are immediately marginalized, their body humiliated, their spirit branded as a sinner. Thus, Cora Tannetti, a petite and naive woman, shows everyone how a murderous raptus is an extreme gesture of self-affirmation and how devastating the effects of a castrating and repressive society can be.

The Sinner: instinct and sin

The patina of perfection that covers the life of the Tannetti family, young, beautiful and apparently serene, is actually a thick blanket under which the protagonist takes refuge to hide a past marked by violence. It soon becomes clear - and it is also announced in the title - that the central theme of the tragic story of Cora Tannetti is the concept of sin: the rigid Catholic education imparted to the character and her sister Phoebe (Nadia Alexander) is described as the first and most important form of abuse that the woman has undergone throughout her life, and one of the primitive causes of the sudden murderous shot that opens the series. Interesting to see how the protagonist Jessica Biel took her first steps in acting about twenty years ago in the most bigoted and respectable show in the history of TV, Settimo Cielo and that in this she plays the daughter of Reverend Camden, educated with a rigid sense of morality and God fearing. Beyond the coincidence of theme and actress, The Sinner has nothing to do (obviously) with the family series of the 2000s and, indeed, sanctions Biel's total rehabilitation as an actress dramatic and frees her from her beginnings.
The Sinner: a suffering humanity

Cora's exasperation is of course the most evident aspect of the suffering told in The Sinner, but he does not fail to show numerous other facets of human malaise, each of these crystallized in one of the main characters. If Detective Ambrose divides herself between the pain of marital failure and borderline sexuality, the protagonist's sister, Phoebe, has to deal with health so precarious as to spend her bedridden life, within the four walls of her room. eternal child. Still, Cora's husband, Mason, is suddenly overwhelmed by the media wave that hit his family after the murder and by the prospect of a solitary fatherhood complicated by the management of his son's trauma. Who more, who less, even the most unsuspected have a sin to expiate, a guilt to deal with: here is the main pattern of the series, that sense of guilt that prevents life from flowing, which compresses the energies and then explodes, in an absolutely destructive way. The shame towards one's instincts and that prudery so backward yet still so widespread, act as detonators for an innate and latent brutality, which overwhelms even the purest soul and protected from temptations.

The Sinner is a miniseries that the viewer will hardly be able to resist, cleverly narrated with a pressing sequence of Chinese boxes, in which every detail - even the musical theme, so crucial in history - finds its rightful place in the end. Well interpreted, written and directed, the show confirms the definition of series-revelation with which it was greeted in America: a product to be recovered, for all fans of the genre.

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The Sinner (2017)

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