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🔴 Stream Siobhan Finneran And Kadiff Kirwan In The Stranger 2020 Watch Hd Full

stream siobhan finneran and kadiff kirwan in the stranger 2020 watch hd full
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Date: 2020-03-12 11:57:16
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The new thriller genre series based on Harlan Coben's novel, The Stranger, which we are reviewing, made its debut on January 30th on Netflix. The British series, written and created by Danny Brocklehurst together with Coben himself, consists of 8 episodes lasting about 45-50 minutes each. The story is based on a series of secrets that undermine certainties and put the lives of the protagonists at risk in a whirlwind of lies and twists.

For Harlan Coben and Danny Brocklehurst it is not the first collaboration in a thriller series. In May 2018, in fact, Netflix had streamed Safe, a family-based thriller starring Michael C. Hall, the famous actor from Dexter. The Stranger, thanks to a good cast and an interesting narrative cue, is certainly an enjoyable and well packaged product, especially for those who love to see the typical elements of yellow mix with intricate personal and relational events. However, there are some flaws that, as we will see, partially obstruct the vision. Before reading our review, you can retrieve the trailer of The Stranger here.

The plot - The Stranger, the review

Adam Price (Richard Armitage) is a quiet family man whose life never fails to reserve satisfaction. He is a partner in a well-established law firm, has a wife, Corinne (Dervla Kirwan), who works as a teacher and two children, Thomas and Ryan. During Ryan's football training sessions, a mysterious girl approaches Adam and reveals a shocking secret, which undermines the certainties of the man. The unknown says that a couple of years earlier Corinne had pretended a pregnancy and an abortion in the extreme attempt not to have her husband removed from her.

Adam's life suddenly changes from serene and apparently thoughtless to a nightmare of uncertainty and doubt. Cornered by her husband, Corinne does not deny the accusations, confesses to the man that the truth is even more complex and intricate and promises a sincere confrontation. Confrontation that, however, is slow to arrive, since the woman sends a strange message to her husband and disappears without a trace. Detective Johanna Griffin (Siobhan Finneran) begins investigating the disappearance and other disturbing events that disturb the community. Meanwhile, the mysterious unknown continues her mission: to reveal the darkest secrets of people, endangering human relationships.


If the unknown protagonist gives the title to Coben's novel and the series object of our review, the same adjective is also well suited to the other protagonists of The Stranger. Almost all the characters on the scene have something to hide, dark secrets, even irrefutable crimes. The underlying reflection seems to be that each, after all, could prove to be a stranger. In the pilot episode, Adam discovers that he cannot trust the person he should know better and that his marriage is still standing thanks to a deception. Over the course of the series, we discover that Adam also has skeletons in the closet, as do most of the people close to him or with whom he comes in contact.

In The Stranger there are many storylines parallel to the main one; each protagonist, sooner or later, has to deal with his secrets and those of others. To understand the reasons that push the stranger to carry on her mission we must arrive almost at the end of the season. Well before, however, we notice the symbolic value that his figure has; a sort of mirror that puts us in front of the evidence that no deception remains unpunished, no secret is really safe.

Technical comments - The Stranger, the review

The series is a rather classic thriller, with various subplots more or less related to the main one. The storyline of Adam and Corinne, including the investigative thread starring detective Griffin, works quite well and is well-written and structured. There is a beginning full of tension, an interesting central part and an ending, in some ways surprising, in which all the knots come to a head. Stories interconnected with each other by a strong, motivated and functional link to plot development work just as well.

The problem occurs with the other subplots, in particular with the one related to the personal events of the eldest son of Adam and his friends. All this should serve to enrich the narrative and keep the viewer's attention high, but the effect while viewing is the exact opposite. Also because of a rhythm that slows down after the first three episodes, too many unrelated stories end up distracting and boring. In the last episode rhythm and tones are raised again and the ending is well conceived and pleasantly surprising. Good proof of the cast, in particular of Richard Armitage and Siobhan Finneran, always natural, credible and convincing. Their characters are also the ones written best and with the best psychological evolution.

Final thoughts

Arrived at the end of our review, although The Stranger is certainly not a series not to be missed, we would like to recommend the vision. Yellow enthusiasts will find bread for their teeth and a good dose of tension; those who prefer family and relationship drama will find many interesting ideas. With a pilot episode and a well thought out ending it's a shame that, in the middle, not all the episodes keep glued to the screen. It would have been more enjoyable and intriguing with less storylines and secondary characters and greater attention to the psychological deepening of the protagonists.

Paradoxically, once the series is over, the character who remains less impressed and with whom one enters less empathy is that of the unknown. In other words, we are given an explanation for his actions, but we cannot fully understand all the implications. One point in favor of The Stranger is, on the whole, the balanced management of the topics dealt with, without limiting too much the hand and without focusing on over the top solutions. The characters and situations are mostly credible and more than once we find ourselves thinking that certain things could happen to us too. Despite its shortcomings, the series also lends itself well to viewing in one breath, thanks to the wise use of various cliffhangers placed artfully that rekindle interest even in the least engaging moments.

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