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🔴 Stream Tv Show Louis Ozawa In Kidding (2018) Watch Online Hd

stream tv show louis ozawa in kidding (2018) watch online hd
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Uploaded by: tyrese
Date: 2020-03-12 14:00:34
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Jeff Piccirillo, a well-known children's television presenter known as Mr. Pickles, supports a multimillion-dollar empire, but faces personal tragedy and difficult family life.

Mister Pickles is a very popular character on the small screen, the star of a children's television program: behind that image is Jeff, a man who is facing the drama of the death of a son. Here is the usual Gondryan dualism: a fairytale dimension, therefore perfect, full of harmony (and common sense) in comparison with a cruel world that does not discount and tears the spirit. Pickles against Jeff, or the marvelous against prosaic, but also the parallel between a public image, which is a bright example for everyone, and a devastated private individual. The difficulty in elaborating the mourning, inducing the protagonist to look at the fantastic one as a misleading dimension that does not prepare for the wounds of real life, convinces him to carry that crisis and that pain in the fairy tale, in the television program: talking about it to children, he wants make them familiar with the thought of the end.

Kidding, from the title, summarizes, therefore, not only the duplicity of the levels, but also their confusion (the whole work of Gondry is a perennial doubling and overlapping of dimensions: the dream and reality, happiness and pain, the understanding and rupture, life and death and, in the final analysis, comedy and drama): here the agony of loss, the torment of illness tend to flow into the childish and phantasmagoric dimension. Family dysfunctionality, separation, drugs, trauma act as a side dish. And in the background the confrontation between a wrecked adult world and an adolescent one that becomes an inevitable critical mirror (and then the girl calls her Divorce puppet). Also inevitable is the dark side of Gondryan which reaches its climax in the love story between Jeff and a terminally ill patient, a story already told (better) in this masterpiece (autobiographical) - perhaps the most distressing video of the entire career of the French master - and in Mood Indigo.

To this is added a further ambiguity embodied by the same protagonist (double programmatic, as already said: Pickles / Jeff), a moralist skew (moral is the whole work of Michel Gondry), a sort of neo-Jesus who listens and helps everyone (even the truck driver who killed his son) and who, on the other hand, does not hesitate to engage in questionable behavior (he takes up a house near that of his wife from whom he separated, not giving up on the idea of ​​following his family affair with a 'other perspective and unbeknownst to his wife, in an undeclared stalking) which culminate in the revealing criminal act that closes the season (and prelude to a second already confirmed).

Kidding, even if written by Dave Holstein, is therefore a work fully adhering to what is thought-Gondry, a recognizable poetics that goes to apply to situations and characters shaped in turn on that model. Nothing wrong with that, given that Gondry produces, directs six episodes and endorses it, but Kidding remains a product that does not go far beyond pasting brands to make up an identity puzzle.

In short, given the premises (the proposal for an authorial vision, consecrated by the presence of Jim Carrey, actor-matrix who branded it in focus, given that it is the protagonist of the French film-symbol), a certain number of episodes (ten), intertwining many narrative threads and staging characters that reflect the characteristics of that artistic galaxy, but which, placed side by side, constitute a coherent dramaturgical system, yes, but not cohesive.
So the beautiful animated collages that make up the initial titles of the episodes - exactly like the bittersweet tones, the paradoxical situations, the quiet visionary, the underlying philosophy - confer recognition on the proposed narration, recognition that, pains to say (writes a Gondryan of the very first hour ), it seems to me the true mission of Kidding, whether he was aware of it or not.

If Gondry's films always come from a strong impulse, from an idea that is also a speech to be made, on which all the stylistic paraphernalia put in place depends, here it seems to me that we start from an opposite premise: there is a poetic kit to be proposed and a prerequisite is created that justifies its deployment. Deploy on a grid that is that of a serial narrative, with its diktats, its episodic structure, the consequent dilations, constrictions in boxes, schemes that return.

Kidding is a series, yes, but also of Gondryan topoi arranged in a row and which never come together to form a unitary design that is engaging in itself and not for the individual figures and emanations. And in which drama and comedy coexist artificially, never merging into a real, touching dramedy. An exercise on sensitive issues with intentions constantly discovered; a demonstration of contained genius that trusts, even rightly, that in a world that is falling apart, lost in its cynical and macho delirium, of humanism and the sensitivity of a series like this there is an obvious need; a service Gondry (with a superb Jim Carrey), the good product of a brand, with all the prerogatives of the same and some genuine pearls: nothing more, nor less.

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