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🔴 Stream Giuseppe De Domenico In Zerozerozero (2019) Watch Fantastic Movie Now

stream giuseppe de domenico in zerozerozero (2019) watch fantastic movie now
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Streaming HD
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Date: 2020-03-12 14:06:29
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The TV series of which we offer our review is available on Sky Atlantic last February 14 and is now available on NowTv: Zero Zero Zero, taken from the novel of the same name - an investigation by Roberto Saviano in 2013 and created by the same team of Gomorra - La series. Directed by Stefano Sollima, Pablo Trapero and Janus Metz, it is a high-level international co-production involving giants such as Sky, Amazon and Canal +. The series was filmed between Italy, Mexico, Louisiana, Senegal and Morocco; the first two episodes were previewed at the 76th Venice Film Festival. Three continents, five countries, a fixed crew made up of more than one hundred elements in addition to another hundred in each location. The script of the Sky Original series bears the signature, among others, of Stefano Sollima, Leonardo Fasoli and Mauricio Katz.

The journey of a game of cocaine from purchase to payment and the stories of the three groups of protagonists involved in the same business are at the center of Zero Zero Zero. There are producers, brokers and buyers, whose stories are interconnected and linked to each other in an indissoluble way. In a context where Evil dominates absolutely, we also witness the criminal actions of a fourth group: the Mexican Special Forces. A cast in excellent shape for a story that is the merciless and shocking photograph of the darkest side of the world in which we live. But let's come to our review and see why Zero Zero Zero, in the current panorama, is one of those series not to be missed at any cost.

The plot - Zero Zero Zero, the review

In Calabria, Don Minu La Piana (Adriano Chiaramida) calls together all the bosses of the 'ndrangheta to inform them that a large load of cocaine is arriving from Mexico. His nephew Stefano (Giuseppe De Domenico) is perfectly aware that if the load does not arrive, his grandfather would lose the war with rival families. Both Stefano and Don Minu are unscrupulous men with a clear idea of ​​how to conduct their illicit affairs and their "wars". Blood ties don't matter, only business matters, even if it means constantly endangering personal and loved ones' safety. In Mexico, in Monterrey, the Leyra brothers dominate drug trafficking and it is to them that the family of Don Minu commissioned the order.

The Lynwood family mediates (the brokers): the progenitor Edward (Gabriel Byrne) together with their children Emma (Andrea Riseborough) and Chris (Dane DeHaan). Chris inherited a terrible disease from his mother, Huntington's chorea, and both Emma and Edward do not seem convinced that the boy is able to manage the family business. The Lynwoods are in charge of the shipment of the huge load of drugs and are at the center between two fires: the buyers in Calabria and the sellers in Mexico. And right in Mexico, in Monterrey, Sergeant Manuel Contreras (Harold Torres) of the Army Special Forces leads a group of soldiers with the ambition to take possession of the city. Thus, those who should protect citizens from narcos end up becoming an even greater danger.

Blood and money

Zero Zero Zero is a series that develops its - very powerful - narration between two tracks: that of blood and that of money. To link these two thematic focuses there is the third fundamental element: cocaine. Blood, money and cocaine, therefore; the construction of the series is based entirely on these three cornerstones. It is these three elements that dictate the rhythm of the narrative and act as a catalyst for everything else. All the characters on stage, all the stories are connected to each other by these fil rouge and it does not matter if other elements end up being "overlooked". There is no time to go deeply into the psychology of the characters, there is no fear of eliminating the most fascinating figures; it is blood and money that dictate the rules, cocaine imposes the developments of the narrative.

Zero Zero Zero is a strong-colored portrait of the darker side of our world and our society. A world that moves billions and whose repercussions are rampant touching the lives of millions of people, like unstoppable, often invisible Evil. This aspect is very well delineated; alongside the stories of the protagonists we see clearly how much this Evil invades and overwhelms even those who have nothing to do with its dynamics. One would think that what we see in the series does not concern us closely and does not touch us in any way, yet it is not so. This is not the case and the series throws reality into our faces; international drug trafficking affects everyone's lives. And here it has the contours of a bad awakening to become aware that the whole world is tied by a thread as red as blood, white as cocaine.
Screenplay and editing - Zero Zero Zero, the review

We continue our review by focusing on the analysis of some technical details of Zero Zero Zero. Under the direction of Stefano Sollima and the team of screenwriters, the comparison with Gomorra is inevitable: The series. The imprint is common, the style is recognizable, but Zero Zero Zero appears on the whole as a wider, more complex, more mature series. The screenplay is impeccable - the daughter of an articulate and accurate subject - and shows the commitment made in two years of work in every aspect of the narrative. The narrative proceeds relaxed and linear in the various turns of the plot. The pattern, episode by episode, is always the same, extraordinarily effective: introduction, first storyline, second storyline, epilogue. The two subplots, on different temporal planes, interpenetrate and meet at the end of the episode.

To talk about the editing we can hang on to what has just been said about the narrative scheme. The editing accompanies the unfolding of the story ensuring the maximum impression of continuity between the different shots that make up the scene. It is functional to narration and accompanies the translation of narration into images in a perfect way; this is particularly evident in the action and choral sequences. These are always orderly, well orchestrated and impactful, even in the frequent alternation of the rhythm, first tightened then more dilated and relaxed. The result, both from an aesthetic and from a more functional point of view, is extremely satisfying.

Direction and photography

Under the direction of Zero Zero Zero, a team of professionals with proven experience and profession who brought their own personal touch to each of the episodes that he directed. Each director directed a group of episodes: Sollima, Metz and Trapero directed their episodes in full, moving between the various locations. This choice meant that, even in the recovery phase, maximum control and maximum consistency were guaranteed. All three directors put their experience, their vision and their way of transmitting reality at the service of history. Simplifying, we can say that the episodes directed by Sollima and Metz are distinguished by a certain minimalism, while those of Trapero for more "spectacular" and high visual impact shots.

The photography is curated by Paolo Carnera, who has already collaborated with Sollima for ACAB, Suburra, Crime novel - The series and Gomorrah - The series. Carnera's work gives the right continuity in a series in which, as we have seen a little above, there are three directors with different styles and approaches behind the camera. In the various episodes of Zero Zero Zero photography strikes above all in the suggestive long shots and in the night sequences. Paolo Carnera's contribution enhances lights and colors in every sequence, whether you are in a hotel room in Casablanca, on the streets of Monterrey or in the inhospitable landscapes of Aspromonte.

Cast and soundtrack - Zero Zero Zero, the review

Actors and soundtracks certainly deserve a separate chapter in our review. The interpreters, part of a respectable international cast - and which recites in six different languages, excluding dialects - are yet another point in favor of Zero Zero Zero. At the base of the various interpretations, a series of characters written very well and that are imprinted in the mind of the viewer despite not standing out for psychological study or evolution. Among all the excellent tests, those of Dane DeHaan, Harold Torres and Giuseppe Di Domenico strike; the latter, in particular, in the role of Stefano La Piana, has a surprising magnetism. To Dane DeHaan's interpretation, however, we owe the rare moments in which we are able to feel empathy, in such a shocking human landscape.

The soundtrack of the Mogwai then is, without taking the risk of exaggerating, literally perfect. The music - sophisticated and elegant - underlines in a completely mimetic way the highlights of the action. The main theme is often repeated on the occasion of the topical moments of the story, to underline its importance and narrative tension. In these cases, the combination of music and the use of slow motion creates an effect with high emotional impact on the viewer. The Scottish post - rock band was personally chosen by Stefano Sollima: the severe, rough sounds, the strings and the repeated notes of the piano are perfect to create an atmosphere full of tension, anguish and anxiety.

Final thoughts

You will certainly have understood this by reading our review: Zero Zero Zero is a very high quality product, among the best series of 2020 at an international level. The series, Stefano Sollima himself stated, was conceived in its eight episodes to be a self-sufficient and complete journey. In the plans of the creators and producers there is no second season that sees the same characters as protagonists, set in the same places or in the same era. Sollima himself, about the possible future developments of the project, spoke of the possibility of telling other stories, perhaps set in other continents and in different eras. Certainly, on this front, given the great work behind the series, we will have to wait a long time.

What is certain is that Zero Zero Zero is one of those series not to be missed and that it is really difficult to find a fault. Wanting to find one at all costs, albeit forgivable and not uncommon in the panorama of TV series, is a few moments of slowness in the pilot episode. It is a little difficult to mesh and enter the dynamics of such a complex and multifaceted story. Once the right gear is engaged, however, the series based on the novel by Roberto Saviano keeps you glued to the screen, without making any discounts on the brutality of the matter. A murky fresco on an Evil that concerns us more closely than we think, a descent into a hellish circle that leaves you breathless and that you will not forget once the TV is turned off.

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