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🔴 Stream Fantasy Miracle Workers (2019) Watch This Movie Online

stream fantasy miracle workers (2019) watch this movie online
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Uploaded by: trentene
Date: 2020-03-12 14:12:04
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"It's all changed. Nobody sacrifices a ram in my name anymore." To speak is God, a very particular God, as we have never seen him. For this Miracle Workers review, forget Morgan Freeman's affable manner and elegance in One Week from God and learn about Steve Buscemi's God. In the seven episodes that you will see of Miracle Workers, the TBS TV series (Turner channel, WarnerMedia group), aired for the first time from Tuesday 2 April 2019 on Italia 1, you will know an Almighty completely different from the image you are used to.

Based on the book by Simon Rich What in God's Name, this series shows us a new and unfriendly God, a figure in a dressing gown, slippers and with an unkempt beard. He is disillusioned, bored and ... has decided to destroy the world. Anticipated by a curious teaser press campaign with emails that came from an elusive GOD address, Miracle Workers is a curious, sarcastic and original comedy series. We saw the first episode in preview, and the curiosity to continue to see the other six episodes is there.
The plot: Daniel Radcliffe is an angel

Welcome to Paradise. Yes, we are at Heaven Inc., the kingdom of heaven that is portrayed (in a way that is not at all banal, and with a precise sense), as the establishment of a rather ordinary and gray industry. Employees are often unmotivated. On the other hand, the Chief, we have seen, has other things on his mind. Craig - played by Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe - and Eliza (Geraldine Viswanathan) are two angels who work together in the department that answers the prayers of humans, a department that is clearly under staffed: the prayers are too many, often they are impossible to fulfill and often, listlessly, some are ridiculous. When Eliza, who has just arrived and still has enthusiasm, poses the question to God (Steve Buscemi), the answer is "I don't want to sound cynical, but what's the problem?". The next day he announces to his employees that he wants to destroy Earth. In his place he would like to launch a new project: an island in the middle of a stream where chefs prepare quality food that people can take with pitchforks. Eliza wants to try to save the world, and makes a bet with God: if she and Craig manage to make a man and a woman fall in love with each other, the Earth will be saved.

Steve Buscemi's God

Miracle Workers intrigues from the first scenes. Seeing God as a bored and unkempt man, smeared on the sofa in his dressing gown while he gulps beer and watches disconsolate and - it seems impossible, but it is so - powerless to the misfortunes and accidents that happen on Earth, is something that does not leave us indifferent. This unpublished and irreverent portrait of God is alienating, it amuses us and at the same time leaves us with a strange sensation, a doubt that makes us ask "but is it really really of no interest to him?". We will return to this aspect later, but here it is interesting to point out the excellent interpretation of Steve Buscemi, very far from any divine portrait carried on some large or small screen.

Life after Harry Potter

But Miracle Workers is above all a new life for Daniel Radcliffe, perhaps in the first convincing and focused role. It had not been easy for the English actor to find a way after having been identified with the protagonist of the Harry Potter saga for years, especially if we think he was a boy at the time. After the time of the roles as a child, and not attractive enough to become a movie star as we understand it, Radcliffe is perfect for a role like this, a little ethereal a little resigned (at the beginning he has a thick beard), a a little outsider and a little magical, outside the box. His understatement is perfect for balancing the enthusiasm and energy of Geraldine Viswanathan, his colleague Eliza, who is the true soul of the film.

Simon Rich's doubts are ours

Said about the cast and the irreverent tone of the film, the novelty lies in Heaven, or rather Heaven Inc., imagined by the creators of Miracle Workers. It is not an idyllic place at all, but a rather "bureaucratic" and routine place, where a group of workers, sometimes with commitment, but much more often unmotivated, try to do a job that is not easy at all. Of course, there are also creatives, creators of rainbows or who designs the winged horse or the immortal man. But they are in the minority, and destined to remain frustrated. This is not an end in itself choice, it has a precise meaning within the series.

Which stems from the doubts and reflections of Simon Rich, who are basically ours. Sometimes we see our world, and it seems to us that things happen at random, and that they are often unfair. Rich imagined that the boss was then in a midlife crisis, that he was disheartened and disillusioned, and that the people who work for him were in a kind of badly managed company. The idea is effective, and responds sarcastically to every time someone asks where God is in certain situations. Filmed in a comedy format, with very short episodes, from twenty minutes each, it does a little what Kidding did: it uses a format usually associated with fun to tell us very serious things.


From the review of Miracle Workers you will have understood that it is a curious, sarcastic and original comedy series. The episodes are very short (20 minutes) but, as Kidding did, they allow us to face very serious doubts and reflections. But perhaps not to delve into them enough. Steve Buscemi's God is unlike any representation that has been made of it so far.

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