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🔴 Stream Online Cress Williams And China Anne Mcclain In Black Lightning (2018) Watch Wonderful Movie

stream online cress williams and china anne mcclain in black lightning (2018) watch wonderful movie
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Date: 2020-03-12 14:17:45
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Black Lightning is a 2018 TV series created by Salim Akil and Mara Brock Akil.

The release in the theaters of Black Panther has definitively cleared the idea of ​​the black superhero. But a few months before the standalone dedicated to T'Challa was brought to the big screen by Marvel Studios, in January Dc Entertainment and Warner Bros Television aired, on CW in the United States and exclusively Netflix in Italy, their superhero of color: Black Lightning. The goal was to respond to Marvel and the superheroes Black Panther and Luke Cage. But the attempt to bring DC Comics and Warner Bros to the sympathies of an audience that considers a certain ethnic representation necessary, even among superheroes, has not been completely successful. The TV series dedicated to Black Lightning tells the story of Jefferson Pierce (Cress Williams), principal of Freeland High School, who ten years after putting his superhero costume in the drawer decides to put on the role of Black Lightning to defend the city from a powerful new evil: a drug called Green Light. In the meantime, Jefferson Pierce must also face his life in "bourgeois", in which he is grappling with an ex-wife (Christine Adams) who has abandoned him, and with two daughters who are facing, for different reasons, particular moments of their lives. The context around which Jefferson Pierce lives is that of the city of Freeland, where the struggles between the gangs in the suburbs, and the difficulties of the black community are increasingly accentuated.

Black Lightning (which takes up the character created by DC Comics in 1977) tries, especially in the first few episodes, to take hold of the type of audience that would like to see superheroes inside the canvases not filled exclusively with action and dynamism. The fact that Jefferson Pierce is often seen initially engaged in dealing with the difficulties of the suburbs and in dialogue with former students who have become gang members, helps a different approach to the DC Entertainment television series which, since the time of Smallville, have been exclusively projected towards the teen-action-drama. And these basic characteristics in the long run are also seen in Black Lightning and mark its flattening. In fact, the struggles of the suburbs, the difficulties of the black community of Freeland, gradually give way more and more space to pure action and to the more classic and two-dimensional superheroism, already widely seen on television.

Black Lightning therefore cannot hold on to long life. The thirteen episodes do not have a rhythm that manages to keep the viewer's tension (and attention) high. The final cliffhangers are not intriguing enough, and it is possible that part of the audience may have lost interest already after the first few episodes. Responsible for the not perfect success (even if CW seems to be willing to produce a second season) is also a not very charismatic villain (the albino Tobias Whale played by Marvin Jones III is decidedly two-dimensional), super-costumes not up to a production high budget television, and the constant family issues involving Jefferson Pierce and his daughters, sometimes too intrusive and capable of transforming the series into a sort of Doctor in a superhero family. In short, it is not exactly a donut with a hole. If the first few episodes seemed to give hope for a breakthrough in DC Entertainment's approach to TV series, the rest of the episodes confirmed what they feared: Warner Bros Television has no intention of abandoning the teen-action-drama tone.

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Stream Online Cress Williams And China Anne McClain In Black Lightning (2018) Watch Wonderful Movie
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Stream Cress Williams In Black Lightning (2018) Full Movie

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