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🔴 Stream Fantastic Danai Gurira And Nadia Hilker In The Walking Dead (2010) Watch Online 4k

stream fantastic danai gurira and nadia hilker in the walking dead (2010) watch online 4k
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Uploaded by: edsel
Date: 2020-03-12 15:32:20
Viewed: 185 times - 5 hour, 24 minute, 24 second ago

The tenth season of The Walking Dead has just "ended", and we can finally say with absolute certainty that the production has returned to the excellent canons of the first. In fact, all the positive notes of the ninth are reconfirmed: more zombies, more tension, more defined and antagonistic characters worthy of introspection.

The Walking Dead 10, a good confirmation

Stray people return, and it was also now, to be a problem for our group of protagonists, with endless hordes of undead who roam, destroying everything they encounter. The antagonists are confirmed as excellent, well-defined, with the right characterization and the right past, which dictates the choices in the present.

And it is precisely here that the improvement is felt, Alpha and Beta keep the viewer glued to the screen. In fact in most scenes they will whisper and despite their face almost perpetually covered by a mask, their charisma will focus on those few words and looks that the production provides.

The main characters reconfirm a good characterization, with much less ultra forced and totally useless love stories (yes Rosita, let's talk about you). The new textures make Rick's absence totally ignorable, while remaining the icon of this TV series.

The tension has definitely returned this season. In most of the scenes you will hold your breath, your heart will begin to beat faster and you will be totally immersed in darkness, danger and wandering. Everything a zombie horror TV series claims and needs to achieve.

But we are not there yet

But all that glitters is not gold. The bad management of the secondary cities still persists, see OceanSide, and some episodes not exactly at the top with highly questionable plot choices.

It is obvious that production focuses on the main city, but it is also not fair to ignore the performance of the others almost totally.

Such as success in the ninth, with the complete destruction of the Kingdom without even explaining well what happened. Let's face it, the Kingdom and OceanSide have existed for 5 seasons and, if it is said for the Kingdom that "there was a fire", the second appears only 3 times in 15 episodes.

We would certainly have liked more on-screen presence of OceanSide and its characters, but it has been deliberately downgraded to a simple fishing village.

Some episodes are really negligible, slow as few, with characters that act totally out of their characterization. Carol is done with tears and comes back to demolish your enemies.

Literally, a dead and slow moment is solved by the production with a character who cries, as Lydia does in every scene in which she appears.

In addition to this we can add the total uselessness of some secondary characters, which raise doubts as to why they were introduced. Rosita, from a brave fighter to a new mother, or Lydia can be removed from the script and for the purpose of the plot, nothing would change.


Angela Kang reconfirms herself as an excellent, but not excellent, showrunner combining incredibly well noteworthy moments and perfectly negligible moments. We are finally at the net improvement, but you can also improve the negative points. In fact, some characters are totally lacking in writing and sometimes distorted, as if they were relegated to being tragicomic specks.

Final goodies: in episode 14 we say, for now, goodbye to a character, an infinite thanks to the actor for the exceptional interpretation; and there will obviously be a final episode 16 of the season which, due to problems due to the blockage of production due to the ongoing health emergency, we will see at the end of 2020.

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