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🔴 Stream Tv Lena Headey And Pilou Asbaek In Game Of Thrones (2011) Watch Fantastic Film

stream tv lena headey and pilou asbaek in game of thrones (2011) watch fantastic film
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Uploaded by: marquese
Date: 2020-03-13 03:30:26
Viewed: 206 times - 6 hour, 18 minute, 52 second ago

Synopsis: In the present Rebecca is with Kevin in New York at the presentation of her film and would like to enjoy the evening. Randall joins them and proposes to the mother, against the wishes of his brother, to participate in a clinical protocol for the treatment of Alzheimer's. In the past we see Rebecca and Jack with the boys in the Big Apple and later, after the death of Jack, Bec, Randall and Beth in town to attend a Kevin show.

Rebecca decides not to participate in the trial and to take advantage of the time left before the disease invests her, to do what she has always wanted and which for various reasons she has neglected to do. Randall does not make a good decision about his mother and takes it out on Kevin.

Absolute sadness and pain, these are the feelings that the last scenes of this episode have left me. Instead, the anger and annoyance that Randall, the "I know everything" had aroused in the last few episodes, left room for the displeasure after I became aware of this man's inner hell.

That it was the abandonment by his natural parents that caused his malaise or the loss of Jack, I don't know, but the fact is that he even accuses himself of the death of his father or rather that he did not do enough to prevent it and perhaps this is the reason why she didn't give up her mother for a moment, why she can't understand that she is an adult woman and can and must decide for herself.

I have already said how much you appreciate that Rebecca is THE PROTAGONIST this season and that they are showing us her strength and inner beauty. I loved the final scene, in front of the painting at the MET, where he finally manages to return, after having tried several times in the past and the consideration he makes, when he admits he wants to do what he wants, even just spending hours watching an opera art.

The scenes of the past, in particular the dinner after Kevin's show, as always happens in this series, reflect the different attitude that the brothers have in the present: the attempt to bring Mr Kirby closer (Wow ... how much I loved Dave Annable in Brothers and Sister!) Kevin's mother is severely criticized by Randall, who thinks that his mother constantly needs him as a wet nurse.

I liked Rebecca in her attempt to spend time with the teacher and who chose to leave, not because of the party taken, as Randall would have liked and thought, but because the man seemed very far from her true love.

As usual, Jack had been able to make the right gesture for his wife on their first trip to New York, but this is no longer surprising to us.

Kate has practically not appeared in this episode, we will see if she will stand in favor of one or the other of her brothers and if this will be the reason for breaking up between them or the situation will worsen.

From the promo of the next episode, tears are expected, as if it were a novelty!

Jeanie Finley chooses a two-pronged approach: to tell the story of Game of Thrones 8 she decides to highlight on one hand the type of preparation behind such a mammoth series, from the creation of the sets to the preparation of the make-up and of costumes, on the other follows insiders and extras, seeing through their different looks the progress of the shooting. The distinctive character of this documentary is precisely the diversity of perspectives with which Game of Thrones is told: from directors to costume designers, from make-up artists to stuntmen, from the main actors such as Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke to the extras who have worked since series, let's find out how Game of Thrones changed their lives (in addition to ours).

The behind the scenes of the series

In Game of Thrones: The Last Watch we travel a lot: from Belfast to Croatia and Spain we visit the most important sets of Game of Thrones together with the insiders. Together with producers, make-up artists, costume designers, snow workers and stuntmen who choreograph the battle scenes, we discover how much work is behind every single detail, how many unexpected events (especially climatic in a series shot so much outdoors) can delay and compromise entire shooting days. As spectators, it is extremely interesting to follow, from design to implementation, the creation of the most iconic scenes of this eighth season, finally giving us an idea of ​​the enormous effort that was necessary.

The heart of Finley's documentary, which we know as a voiceover, are undoubtedly two fundamental moments of the series: the Battle of Winterfell in the third episode and the destruction of King's Landing in the fifth, both directed by Miguel Sapochnik. In particular, the behind the scenes of the immense battle against the undead, which required 55 nights of filming, is perhaps the passage of the documentary that most helps us understand how difficult it is to create such articulated and heterogeneous scenes. From the prosthetic makeup made for the undead (including the mummified ones who come to life in the crypts) to the choreography of the fights, for example the one between Arya and the King of the Night which, although short we discover to be extremely complicated to achieve, each element becomes a gear in a complex structure, requiring hours and hours of work alone. Among the directors of the episodes the one we follow the longest is David Nutter, who for this season has dealt with the first two episodes and the fourth (less action but still decidedly exciting), and tells us in detail the steps of his creative process , explaining how he imagines and creates the different scenes and how he helps the actors to better interpret their characters.

Game of Thrones: The Last Watch takes into consideration all the different moments of the realization of the TV series, going from one to the other in extremely fast ways: the choice to move continuously from one set to another, by those who deal with a determined aspect of the pre-production to those who do anything else, if on the one hand it can give us an idea of ​​how frantic and tiring this type of filming is, on the other it could confuse the viewer, who must pay close attention to all the steps. The choice, however, to make Game of Thrones: The Last Watch last almost two hours is really ideal, allowing the viewer to learn about the different locations and all those who make a contribution by telling their experience.
The characters who made the series

As we said, the protagonists of this documentary are all those people, not just the actors in the main roles, who together contributed to the making of Game of Thrones. Finley chooses to follow some of them more than the others. In addition to the make-up artist who takes care of prosthetic makeup (who hasn't seen her daughter for months but then has the opportunity to make her do a little part in the last episode) we know the snow workers and all the difficulties that their job involves, but also Vladimìr Furdik, stuntman who plays the King of the Night, and the ladies who from their pickup truck sell sandwiches to the thousands of extras participating in the series. But among all of them there is an appearance, Andrew McClay, with whom we spend much more time than the others. The enthusiastic actor played a soldier, first of Stannis Baratheon's army then of the Stark, since the fifth season, participating in all the most important battles of the series. Together with Andrew, a longtime fan of Martin's novels, we discover how much working on Game of Thrones can change your life, moving us as much as he says goodbye to the crew with whom he collaborated for years after the last clapperboard.

The farewells of Kit Harington and Emilia Clarke

Goodbyes are the most memorable moments of Game of Thrones: The Last Watch: by Kit Harington who, after shooting his last scene (that of the clash with Gray Worm among the rubble Approdo del Re), greets those who are for him members of her extended family in Emilia Clarke who, with her make-up artist putting Daenerys's platinum blonde wig for the last time, wonders what her life will be like without Game of Thrones. This documentary made the vision of the series an even more unforgettable experience for us viewers: only in this way did we have the opportunity to see the actors read the script for the first time (getting excited for the fate of their characters), the undead come to life under the expert hands of make-up artists and the huge set of King's Landing being built from scratch. Every fan of the series will therefore love Game of Thrones: The Last Watch which, in just under two hours, allows the viewer to immerse themselves in the world created by Weiss and Benioff, with the help of thousands of other people, like never before before.


Ending this review of Game of Thrones: The Last Watch we reiterate how much this documentary dedicated to the eighth season of Game of Thrones is an unmissable experience for fans of the series, who will discover the world created by Weiss and Benioff from perspectives and points of unexpected views.

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