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🔴 Watch Increadible Simon Merrells In Spartacus Blood And Sand (2010) Streaming 4k Online

watch increadible simon merrells in spartacus blood and sand (2010) streaming 4k online
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Date: 2020-03-13 07:39:32
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Among the couch potatoes, some just can't stand sitcoms about the insidious lives of American families, others succumb to narcolepsy after five minutes of Italic fiction, others would slap desperate housewives and the weary internists of certain series, still others, finally, horrify when on TV (or in the cinema), a drop of blood spurts or a breast peeps. The latter are strongly advised against the vision of Spartacus: Blood and Sand. Thanks to today's vast offer, you can actually avoid lingering on SkyUno on Thursday evening (from February 17, however the full version is relegated to Sunday at 11.10 pm) during the early evening, programming slot reserved for the series originally broadcast (and produced ) from the American cable StarZ. The thirteen episodes of the first season, if enjoyed all in a row, risk melting the DVD player, nauseating the most obsessive admirer of the heinous slaughters and stewing the most savory of the voyeurs, but one episode per week offered to the least picky is an entertainment more than sustainable (as well as eco-sustainable, production wanted only recyclable material on the set). As in the case of True Blood, another rather gruesome series, also the production of Spartacus must have received from the broadcaster a memo that reads: "Do what you want", thus freeing itself from all the limitations of decency and decorum that they ridicule - sometimes - the series of networks. The show brought together the prodigious director of La Casa, Sam Raimi, and the producer, as well as husband of Lucy Lawless, Rob Tapert, who had already given the warrior princess Xena and The Sword of Truth to the public; the two prefer fantasy and mythology freely interpreted, while the creator of the series Steven S. DeKnight loves gore, pessimism and superheroes, as evidenced by his curriculum in which Angel, Dollhouse and Smallville stand out.

All these elements are found in Spartacus: Blood and Sand, where the eponymous protagonist, with his superhuman martial ability, his physical perfection and his charisma assumes the mythical stature of a demigod (Yesterday's superhero). The series, strongly derivative of Znyder's 300 not only on a stylistic level, narratively mutual from Scott's gladiator and Kubrick's Spartacus: the wishes of revenge for the injustices suffered by the warrior enslaved and deprived by the family of the former, the longing social revolt and the desire to reunite with the beloved the second.

The first season of 13 episodes tells the story of Spartacus before the rebellion he promoted: an impulsive and strong-willed Thracian warrior, he separated from his beloved wife Sura to join the auxiliary troops of the Roman army in exchange for protection for his village . Exasperated by the discrimination to which the affiliated soldiers are subjected and by the ineffectiveness of the military campaign of the leader Gaius Claudius Glaber (Gaius Claudio Glabro), the deserted warrior reunites with his wife but is captured and forced to fight in the amphitheater of Capua, while the companion is sold as a slave. The pilot's first minutes effectively frame the show's stylistic code: arts that fly from all sides (who would have said that the Roman swords were so sharp? And to think that 16 centuries later the English cleavers could not cut the head off by Maria Stuarda ...), disembowelings (the bowels of the losers that roll from the belly of the unfortunate are the new splatter of the last episodes), beheadings in slow motion and blood in cats and dogs (in a variety of sketches to be entranced by Dexter Morgan). To give respite to digestion between one massacre and another, sex in every declination (and inclination), from the most passionate to the most brutal (attention: including castrations): a single episode of Spartacus hosts many boobs, male buttocks and frontal nudes ( we do not miss anything) to saturate the average dose of a whole year. The less convincing CGI used in the creation of backgrounds and panoramas (better the cardboard plants of the class M planets of the classic Star Trek), which seem embarrassing attempts to replicate Turner skies on hasty videogames landscapes, is less realistic on a graphic level. each case in colors far removed from the liveliness of Campania colors. A pity, it would have been enough for the graphs of the series to take a look at some postcards from Southern Italy to realize that Capua does not resemble the surface of Mars.

In the Roman republic of 75 BC, a melting pot of races that is originally suggested by the variety of the multitude of English-speaking accents of the cast, the gladiators who slaughter themselves in the crowded amphitheatres are the most democratic fun that exists, loved by young and old (particularly the young patrician Numerius, a small monster generated by the loins of the powerful magistrate Calavius), as well as intoxicating source of excitement for the spoiled and empty Roman noblewomen. Among these stands out Ilithya, Glabro's intrignte and voyeuse wife attracted by the perversions of violence and sex offered to her by Lucretia interpreted by a majestic, lustful and beautiful Lucy "Xena" Lawless. Lucretia, dominated by unspeakable wigs full of weaknesses and cruelty, ambition and pain, is a guilt-free Lady Macbeth (yes, in the series some Shakespearean echo resounds, also for the presence of the Iago of the series, the frustrated and manipulative Ashur). "The struggle for power, unbridled passions, intrigues, betrayals" are the daily bread of the woman and her husband Lentulus Batiatus (Lentulo Batiato) - who has the face of a manipulator and mean John Hannah -, lanista (organizer of clashes between gladiators) which aims to rise socially and enter politics by exploiting the growing popularity of Spartacus. The warrior slave is trained in the training club owned by Batiatus under the supervision of the uncompromising and austere teacher Oenomaus (the statuary Peter Mensah), a severe and correct former gladiator. The intrigues of the Capuan patricians multiply dramatically between seductions, crimes and kidnappings, involving the destinies of plebeians and slaves; among the latter, the proud Crixus (Crisso), gladiator of the Batiato stables who persuaded himself of the honor of the arena to endure the humiliations of slavery, as well as a lover of Lucretia but in love with the slave Nevia; the enormous Carthaginian warrior Barca, who hopes to redeem his freedom and that of the young and fragile lover; Varro - who appears to be the brother of Renolto of Attila Scourge of God - Roman friend of Spartacus forced to fight to pay off gambling debts and support his wife and son. Finally, Spartacus himself: between brutalization, exhausting training, constant humiliations, clashes to the death, "the invincible warrior forged by the fire of a thousand battles" survives only thanks to the promise of meeting with his beloved wife made by his master.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand is not just an unprecedented (in the television scenario) entertainment for strong stomachs, its creator DeKnight strives, without pretending to touch the heights of Rome, to serve the viewer with a coherent horizontal plot that flows into historical events known, exposing the etiology of the slave revolt led by Spartacus. The pain of the loss of freedom and identity, the rebellion towards authority, the desire to reunite with the family, the descent into hell of clandestine encounters, the attempt to annihilate oneself by denying one's origins and embracing the fate of the gladiator , the rejection of the seduction of power and the desire for revenge inevitably lead to the final rebellion (with attached slaughter). Of course, a series that cannot exaggerate with humor, Spartacus: Blood and Sand allows some exceptions (to renounce Lucretia's fertility ritual with the candle in the shape of a winged member), especially in the fantasy of the variety of curses linked to the divinities and their genitals. The bland and opportunistic faith of the Romans contrasts with the silent impiety of Spartacus, who however is surrounded by a mystical halo (an incredible victory of his seems to have brought rain after a long period of drought) which makes Gaius Claudio Glaber mad with anger. This has the face of Craig Parker, villain already in Xena (he was the Amazon killer Bellerophon) and in The sword of truth (he was the dead and resurrected half-brother of the Seeker, Darken Rahl) who unfortunately only appears in the initial and final episodes.

Strong and fragile, naive and mischievous, of undoubted physical prowess, the character of Spartacus is not an easy part, but is brilliantly interpreted by the fascinating Welsh model (emigrated Australia) Andy Whitfield, already the protagonist of the rambling and rainy eschatological action Gabriel. StarZ, who had renewed the series for the second season before even broadcasting the pilot episode, decided not to suspend the shooting despite the serious illness of the actor, and replaced it with the Australian Liam McIntyre. Obviously with the blessing of Whitfield, as DeKnight took care to let people know, which will bring the new episodes to the American screens in early 2012 ... under a very bad omen.

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