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🔴 Watch Action Betty Gilpin In The Hunt (2020) Full Movie

watch action betty gilpin in the hunt (2020) full movie
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Uploaded by: kaseye
Date: 2020-03-16 23:34:46
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Twelve strangers suddenly awaken in a clearing: they don't know where they are, they don't know how they got to that place, and after having freed themselves from the belt that kept their mouth closed and having found a chest full of weapons, they have to defend themselves from the shots that come from the woods. Most of them die immediately, while others, including ex-soldier Crystal, manage to survive and flee. Who are the people kidnapped and transformed into the prey of a senseless hunt? And who are the hunters? Does it have to do with the fact that the victims belong to the poorest and least educated classes of American society, while the perpetrators of the slaughter are white liberals and millionaires?

A survival film son of our time and with a clear political subtext, with the people immersed in a fiction they don't understand and the elites responsible for a game that they don't know how to govern.

In the United States, where after a rapid passage in the theaters was distributed in VOD by Universal due to the povemic from covid-19, The Hunt has been a case since its realization: the expected release was initially September 2019, but the massacres mass Dayton and El Paso had convinced the distribution to wait for better times, thus fueling the fame of controversial films. Now that another type of emergency has hit the world - and consequently the film - the actuality of The Hunt, with its clash between people and elites, rednecks and republicans on one side and liberal millionaires on the other, seems not so much history as past and as harmless as an apt model of reading reality unfortunately applied to an outdated context. Especially today - spring 2020 - that the struggle for survival concerns everyone and the struggle is against an invisible enemy.

Of course, it will be said that the greatest value of the B series cinema (also of this product from the now inevitable Blumhouse) has always been to mirror the reality and continually redefine its own possible reading: but in the case of the manhunt told by The Hunt there is nothing mythical or universal. The focus of the film is not at all the survival of the twelve people involved - you can guess from the pleasure with which the plot takes out the potential protagonists in the first minutes, starting with the character played by Emma Roberts - but the political and social clash of which they are part.

The Hunt is undeniably a film part of a world in which reality has disappeared, replaced by self-referential bubbles and comfort zones guaranteed by the web and social networks. The same game of hunting arises from the wishes of the victims rather than from the will of the predators, and is the result of the laziness with which people belonging anonymously to the people build an image of the world to the extent of their hatred; on the other hand, the pleasure of managing power is also part of this laziness, as an animalistic solution to complex and in many ways unsolvable problems.

The political reading of The Hunt, easy and explicit, is actually offered by the film itself - especially in the final dialogue between the two protagonists, the warrior Betty Gilpin and the ruthless businesswoman Hilary Swank - confirming both the not quite refined talent of Damon Lindelof , one of the two screenwriters, who between Lost a The Leftovers and The Watchmen has never gone too far for the subtle with metaphors, both of a problem concerning the structure of the film itself, and in the name of a strong and undeniably idea effectively ends up sacrificing the declaredly horror or spectacular parts (exploding heads, forcefully extracted eyeballs, skewered human busts, various beatings until the final showdown).

Series B works when it works on abstraction, on the basic elements of the cinematographic story, on bodies and actions: The Hunt, on the other hand, remains too tied to the here and now, ending up proving to be tremendously dated in spite of itself.

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