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🔴 Watch Increadible Karolina Gruszka In Marie Curie (2016) Full Movie

watch increadible karolina gruszka in marie curie (2016) full movie
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Date: 2020-03-22 03:29:01
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Marie Noëlle's film about the first woman who won two Nobel prizes in 1905 and 1911 was released in very hard times for film distributors and exhibitors. The first was for physics together with her husband Pierre Curie and Antoine Henri Becquerel; the second for chemistry, amid a thousand difficulties after Pierre's death. The director chooses the most intimate and least scientific one as the key to the reading.

Maria Salomea Skłodowska, of Polish origin but French naturalized, is played by a wonderful Karolina Gruszka, who in her apparent fragility is a steel woman. He challenged the conventions of the time, managing to demonstrate to his colleagues - all men of the Academy of France - how science is everyone's heritage, without any belonging to sex. Seen with the eyes of now, this story may not be so strong, but you have to frame the character in the years in which he lived. The same as Albert Einsten, who appears in a short fragment. Marie is also a tender mother of two little girls and a faithful wife of Pierre, also a companion in research. After the death of her husband, she will have a clandestine relationship with her colleague Paul Langevin, who will put her in difficulty before the eyes of the world, after a defamatory press campaign.
A brave film distributed by Valmyn, on the strength of women and the importance of science

The director moves all her protagonists by alternating a neutral color with light blue, a reminder of the radio and polonium that were the subject of her studies. Marie's private life is in the foreground in the narrative, perhaps a tad too much. The romantic theme seems, especially in the ending, too dominant. However, Marie Noëlle manages to appropriately highlight the strength of a woman and mother who contributed with her discoveries to the progress of science. It must be remembered that Marie Curie intentionally decided not to file the international patent for the process of isolation of radium, preferring to leave it free, also challenging the laws of emerging capitalism.

Excellent photography signed by the director of photography Michal Engler, which leaves room for dreamlike and poetic images. The protagonist Karolina Gruszka pierces the screen and acts with rigor, giving grace to her character. Although not a perfect film, "Marie Curie" is the film of the moment, to remind everyone how important the rigor of science is in the difficult moments we are experiencing.

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