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watch cars (2006) full movie
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Reviewed by 16-year-old Jaden Carlsen from his mom's account. 2006 was, in my opinion, a very interesting year for films. This is when we got movies such as Open Season and The Wild, both of which could be looked at as Madagascar ripoffs, but also some really good movies such as Flicka, and this movie. It's not only a family favorite from Pixar, but has also gained some more attention in 2017 following the release of Cars 3. It may be a mixed bag with critics, but this is honestly one of my favorite Pixar movies, as well as being an under appreciated one as well. The movie's main character is Lightning McQueen, an arrogant rookie racecar focused on winning the Piston Cup, and gets lost during is trip to the race he needs to earn it. He inadvertently destroys the road of a small town called Radiator Springs, and is forced to fix the road. Now, I know that it's kinda predictable that this is a movie about a jerk becoming a better person, but it makes up for the predictability with some really good jokes, and some hidden adult themes about older towns and American places being forgotten as America progresses into the future. Now some of the characters are a bit stereotypical in personality, but I'd argue that the movie makes up for this by showing how these characters, at heart, are just a community in a town that has essentially been wiped off the map, forgotten by the public, and the characters sticking by each other, and believing they can restore the town. They also play really well into Lightning's development as a character, he starts to better understand more important things in life in a way that's really authentic in my opinion. The comedy is also spot-on in my opinion, with a lot of great jokes that I still find funny today. The plotting for Lightning's character arc is also really well-handled, and this movie is essentially a great one to just relax and watch, and be satisfied as Lightning changes for the better. I have to say, in my opinion, this movie deserved the Oscar for Best Animated film, I think it's better than Happy Feet, and is the best animated movie made in 2006 in my opinion.