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watch online cars (2006) full movie
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The year was 2006, I was sitting at home with my parents at the time I was two years old. My parents told me we were going on a drive to somewhere "special" i was instantly excited, as i sat there anxiously in my baby seat of our Honda SUV 2005 Model with 7 seats I realised were we were going, The cinemas. We pulled up to the cinemas at this point i could hardly wait, what movie were we going to see i thought. Mum and Dad get out of the car and they pick me up too and we walk inside, Dad goes off to get tickets and i eagerly sit with my mother. Dad comes back with tickets to the movie i wasn't able to read yet so i just smiled and knew it was going to be fun. We walked up the stairs to walk into cinema 3 and we all sat down me sitting on mums lap and we waited, I could barley control my self. As the pixar intro started to play my smile became bigger and i heard that line, the line we all know and love, the line of a generation. I am speed. Everyone was waiting to see what was going to happen next as the black screen faded and we could finally see what was happening there we saw him the Corvette Lightning McQueen preparing for a race. As lightning pulled out of the truck we saw paparazzi and we saw him drive off for the line up, as the race started up the crowd started cheering and they went wild when he was revving his engine everyone was ecstatic. The movie kept everyone on the edge of their seats for the entire time and we all couldn't get enough of lightning, as we walked out as a family from the movies all I could hear was people talking about wanting a squeal. I rate cars the best movie of 2006 and the best movie Pixar has ever made in their entire career with nothing topping such an amazing piece of art that made up a strong part of my life and still does. 10/10