Watch Animation Cars (2006) Full Movie

watch animation cars (2006) full movie
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Date: 2020-03-25 07:38:54
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Cars is a fantastic movie to watch because the story was phenomenal with the characters being even better. The main character and my person favorite, lighting McQueen was a cocky douche bag at the start of the movie but he changed throughout the movie and became a loving person... well car but I'm going to call them people for the sake of my brain cells. This movie taught kids not to be cocky at everything and not to be self centered all the time. Cars was a flexible movie and git a sequel that made lighting McQueens best friend (mater) the main character and this showed that lighting McQueen can share the spotlight. Thus made lighting McQueend character even better. Back on the subject of the first movie (and the best movie). I would watch this movie 24/7 when I was a wee little lad and I still watch cars around 2 times a week, plus i would be able to say the lines and dialogue at the same time while the movie was playing. Overall i would rate this movie 6 out of 5 stars but i can so that so i will rate it 5 stars for the awesome and phenomenal story line plus the characters and the characters development. I would recommend this movie to the ages of a full lifespan.