Watch Premium Bonnie Hunt In Cars (2006) Full Movie

watch premium bonnie hunt in cars (2006) full movie
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Date: 2020-03-25 07:39:57
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It's a movie that anyone would love to watch. It's not boring. It's not explicit. It's not really childish. It is about a race car whose name was Lightning Mcqueen. He was over confident and selfish and always cared about himself. When he was going to California for the race through which was going to earn the Piston cup and alot more rewards, he accidentally entered a long forgotten town known as radiator springs, where he damaged the road. He had to build the road again to go to the race. In this time he made alot of friends who taught him a lesson that over confidence and selfishness will never lead to success and Mcqueen does change. He becomes really caring and loving. He helps to bring radiator spring back on the map. By then his friends were more like his family. Later, in the race, when chic hick hit the king and the king crashed, Mcqueen brings the king off the track instead of winning the race. So the story of this movie is simply fantastic and teaches us never to be over confident and selfish, and to be kind, caring, loving, and also that there is more to life than just money and fame. The characters are funny and unforgettable. As for the movie graphics, they are quite realistic. The music is simply amazing. It is one of my favourite pixor movies ever released. I always watch this movie, at least once per month. It is a great movie.