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🔴 Watch The Valhalla Murders (2019) Full Movie

watch the valhalla murders (2019) full movie
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Date: 2020-03-27 15:14:03
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Two policemen, Arnar and Kata, an investigation to be carried out to find out who the ruthless serial killer who is terrorizing the country is. This is the story of The Murders of Valhalla, the first Icelandic TV series that arrives on Netflix (from 13 March 2020), conceived and directed by newcomer Thordur Palsson. The eight-episode first season is written by Margrét Örnólfsdóttir, Ottó Geir Borg and Mikael Torfason together with the thriller writer and poet Óttar M. Norðfjörð.

The Valhalla crimes: Arnar and Kata, two policemen to find out who the culprit is

The story is set in the cold Reykyavik where the police, from one day to another, is grappling with a high number of murders. The city ceases to live normally and law enforcement officers begin to understand that they have nothing to do with simple deaths but there is something that unites them all. In addition to this there are also the various internal struggles within the organ, a new direction and a new entry into the Arnar team, played by Björn Thors, who has been recalled from Copenhagen, where he has been working for years for his investigative skills. This earthquake sees as a spectator Kata (Nína Dögg Filippusdóttir) who expected to play the role of head and therefore can not stand being put aside and in addition a new colleague is flanked to help her. It is not enough in her private life she is complicated, a working and separated mother, she sees her son suffering because he is not accepted by his classmates; everything becomes more obscure when it seems that the boy is dealing with group sexual abuse against a young woman.

Kata is strong, determined, she does not get discouraged, on the contrary she goes out of her way on the field working side by side with Arnar, a cold, rigid and authoritarian man who hides many frailties. The murders are on the rise and things seem to mislead them; but at one point a common factor emerges: the orphanage called Valhalla where horrendous crimes had occurred 35 years earlier.

The Valhalla crimes: the story of a dark and frightening reality

The crimes of Valhalla shows a dark and frightening reality in which some of the most terrible plagues of society cross: pedophilia and mistreatment of children; and the further one proceeds in history the darker the tone and the deep wounds. Those young people are now adults, have families, children, they should be made men, yet this is not the case because a part of them is still stuck in that orphanage. As often happens in stories that come from the coldest lands, even here the noir is also given by the short circuit between that frost in which I live and the blood that flows; this system is made even more powerful by the gray and blue tones in which we are immersed and by the "hostile" white of the snow. The story is therefore dark, in full Scandinavian detective spirit; this spirit also lives in the characters who are so cold and detached that they look like ice statues. It takes time to understand the protagonists and the victims, to get in tune with their pain but when it happens, especially in the second half of the first season, you are brought into this vortex of "stigmata", memories of ancient wounds, of lies and false identities, of truths that emerge violent.

Expression of this are Arnar and Kata: the first, little by little, proves to be a man full of heart and good feelings, a little loved son and put aside well understands the suffering of these orphans, the second is a rebellious spirit who works to exhaustion and, when he thinks he has given birth to a son so similar to the criminals he puts behind bars, he feels overcome and lost. The two on the field find a common point, have the same investigation method and on more than one occasion they look over their shoulder, saving themselves and protecting themselves.
Valhalla's crimes: eight episodes that, little by little, manage to take the viewer and bring him to the cold Reykyavik

The crimes of Valhalla is a well-written series that perhaps at times lacks a rhythm that is too slow, especially in the first episodes, so much so that it is difficult to enter the story, but then also thanks to the various twists that underpin the story and thanks to the the fact that the characters discover themselves and show themselves for what they are is transported to a frightening and disturbing world. The viewer makes his ideas along the episodes, ideas that irretrievably come up against the facts. The series does its game well, weaving darkness with an ending that however sees a bit of sun in the icy water.

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Watch The Valhalla Murders (2019) Full Movie

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