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🔴 Watch Premium Mina El Hammani And Omar Ayuso In Nadia And Omar (2020) In Elite

watch premium mina el hammani and omar ayuso in nadia and omar (2020) in elite
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Date: 2020-03-27 15:52:25
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The success of La casa di carta has attracted the attention of the general public on Spanish seriality. A product designed for a national television, after the acquisition and diffusion by Netflix, has turned into a global hit. To prevent this drive from being lost, the platform has announced the arrival of a third season of La casa di carta, but first made a new original Spanish TV series, Elite, which partly draws on the same cast. Beyond a choral dimension and some actors, Elite has very little in common with La casa di carta, indeed, it thickens the array of serial productions that are placed in a school environment. To distinguish the show written by Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona is the caustic tone, at times vaguely heavy, of a series that, in eight episodes, condenses twists and dramatic twists.

The Elite structure is reminiscent of The Affair and Big Little Lies - Little Big Lies. The narrative revolves around a crime that took place in the prestigious school of Las Encinas, the story is reconstructed through the collage of testimonies released to the police by students and teachers. In flashback, we trace the arrival in the school dedicated to the future Spanish leaders of three students from the poor suburbs, drawn to receive a scholarship to attend Las Encinas after their school building collapsed. Samuel (Itzan Escamilla), Nadia (Mina El Hammani) and Christian (Miguel Herrán) are faced with a reality foreign to them. Samuel, shy and reserved, manages to survive in the new environment thanks to the meeting with Marina (María Pedraza), beautiful, rich and rebellious, Nadia, a practicing Muslim, has to deal with the libertarian customs of the school that do not marry the penalty familiar while Christian, the most extroverted, throws himself into the fray, ready for anything in order to forge a relationship with those wealthy students who look down on him.

Social warfare: Elite characters

In Elite there are no good and bad. Screenwriters Carlos Montero and Darío Madrona make a commendable effort to stage complex characters, though clichés and stereotypes are just around the corner. Young people are at the center of attention with their inner world, their baggage of uncertainties and ambiguities. The result is a strange mixture of closeness and repulsion. The mix of defects that each character carries with them makes it difficult for the viewer to feel empathy, at times certain behaviors border on unpleasantness. This trend, which does not spare even the most positive and wholehearted figures, the rigorous Nadia and the empathetic Marina who, behind the sunny aspect and the welcoming ways, conceals self-destructive behaviors and unconfessable secrets. Not to mention the ease with which more or less everyone, rich or poor, violates the law. Elite characters steal, deal, break rules without worrying about the consequences, justifying it as a means of improving their condition.

It is not in the differences between the individual characters that the soul of the show is hidden, but in the contrast between two conflicting ecosystems, rich and poor. The class conflict is the basis of Elite, the wealthy class tries to protect itself by expelling foreign bodies which on the other hand, with their arrival, become the catalysis of dramatic events. The relationship between Samuel and Marina, the progressive interest of the haughty Guzman (Miguel Bernardeau), Marina's brother, towards Nadia and that of his brother Omar (Omar Ayuso) for the fragile Ander (Aaron Piper) are the lifeblood of the episodes, not to mention the strange sentimental triangle that is formed when Christian attracts the attention of the rich and bored Clara and Polo. The narrative dynamics that make up Elite are essentially based on the contrast between social classes and on the attraction / repulsion between members of different classes. The tragedy is triggered by the contact between worlds that, in different circumstances, would never have touched each other.

That all-Spanish taste for strong colors

With a narrative system like that of Elite, the presence of social criticism is inevitable. Far from moving away from models of the classic teen drama (echoes of The OC, Gossip Girl and even the wickedness of One Tree Hill resound in the corridors of the school for the rich), the European imprint is noted in the attention to political and social issues that transpires at times from the speeches of the characters. Just think of the premise, the scholarship offered to the three poor students not as an act of social justice, but as an attempt to put a patch on the catastrophe of the collapse of the school due to the negligence of the builder (who would later be the father of Marina and Guzman) . Reflection is present where possible, but is mostly suffocated by the constant search for pathos. The Spanish soul flows powerfully in the Elite and the eight episodes that make up the first season are full of twists and unpredictable turns.

The all-Hispanic taste for mother scenes and strong hues gives the Elite the flavor of modern soap opera. All in all, it does not clash until this picturesque drift takes over history. The same sexuality of adolescents suddenly overflows, leaving ample room for explicit homosexual, heterosexual and threesome sequences; the series does not miss even some sudden outbreak of violence, which never clashes. In an attempt to impress the audience, Elite prefers to tread the hand on the emotional and sentimental dimension of the characters rather than focusing on the investigation that serves as a narrative thread. Dense, very dense with capital events, each of the eight episodes does not fail to offer us hooks that convince us to continue the vision, until the end which remains partly open in anticipation of a possible second season. Faced with the dramatic refinement offered by so many shows today, Elite is still light years behind, but the ease with which it deals with more or less delicate themes makes it an interesting vision anyway.


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