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🔴 Watch Drama John Kani In The Lion King (2019) Full Movie

watch drama john kani in the lion king (2019) full movie
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Uploaded by: knox
Date: 2020-03-29 15:40:43
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The Lion King is a victim of Disney's artistic choices aimed at capitalizing on the success of their live action remake. Created in a photorealistic format, Jon Favreu (Iron Man, The Jungle Book) and the team have put together their best abilities, but after all, a realistic approach is basically not suitable to wrap the story of the king of the jungle.

Maybe you have heard criticism of the lack of facial expressions of animals here. Not entirely true, because if examined more closely, behind the physical appearance of those who worked with extraordinary detail to the smallest texture, can be found lines of human faces even though not in the form of large expressions, which is suitable for characters like Sarabi (Alfre Woodard) , but not for Mufasa (James Earl Jones), Scar (Chiwetel Ejiofor), let alone Zazu (John Oliver).

Imagine watching an original animation, filled with plot and similar scenes, only the packaging emphasizes realism. That is, we will not see Scar swallow Zazu, or the musical sequence I Just Cann't Wait to Be King which is comically colored. It is unfortunate, but instead, the majesty of nature can be felt, as in the opening scene when animals in the Pride Lands welcomed the birth of Simba (Donald Glover voiced adult Simba, JD McCrary voiced a small Simba). Rafiki (John Kani) lifts the baby lion, while the clouds give way to the tinge of sunlight which gives the impression of heaven.

The design of the small Simba will make "Oooh" and "Aaaw" screams often come out of the audience's mouth, but when Simba's cuteness manages to steal the heart, it is not so about the relationship and the father. Mufasa is an authoritative leader, so creating his expression becomes a complicated job. Although James Earl Jones was flawless, the king was lifeless as a result of a face that lacked a voice.

Next, you know what will happen. Intending to prove his appropriateness and courage as a future king, Simba invited Nala (Beyoncé Knowles-Carter to voice adult Nala, Shahadi Wright Joseph to be a small Nala) a restricted area in the form of an elephant's grave, which apparently became a hyena's nest. That was the beginning of the tragedy when Scar, who had long aspired to enthroned, killed Mufasa, who was also his brother, and then blamed Simba. Scared, he obeyed his uncle's orders to leave the Pride Lands.

The iconic moment when Scar pushed Mufasa off the cliff failed to be remade nicely, this time not only due to the lack of expression of the lions, but also the sound of Chiwetel Ejiofor without the aura of cruelty. In fact, in other scenes, Ejiofor was able to play his role well. Luckily, as soon as I started to get fully disappointed, the second half appeared as saviors. First, of course thanks to the Timon-Pumbaa duo (Billy Eichner-Seth Rogen). Both are laughter-producing machines that instantly keep the film away from the poor, dark color clouds called "realism".

Even in this half, music and visual elements are more alluring. Re-creating his masterpiece, Hans Zimmer assisted by African choir who was re-commanded by Lebo M., gave birth to scoring that was able to move feelings (King of Pride Rock repeatedly made me tremble), accompanying revolutionary visuals who not only rely on high technology, also the expertise of the cinematographer , Caleb Deschanel (The Passion of the Christ, Never Look Away). The natural scenery feels like part of the Disneynature program or National Geographic documentary, of course, with an additional proportion of beauty.

The musical also received an upgrade. The Lion Sleeps Tonight number lasts longer and is fun without the need to become too comical, while even though Favreu's Can You Feel the Love Tonight is not as romantic as the original version, the Beyoncé vocal presence feels like it has covered up the gap. Although there was a minimal nuance of "being intoxicated by romance", I was touched by the chanting.

My favorite modification is when the script writer, Jeff Nathanson (Catch Me If You Can, The Terminal) developed a mome when Rafiki learned that Simba was still alive. Accompanied by Favreu's rich sensitivity of direction, the sequence captures the substance of the "circle of life" through the journey of a handful of feathers, which shows how the universe has its own power to lead the beings within it to the path of destiny where good is in power.

All realism-based approaches at The Lion King rasaya are more easily appreciated by adult audiences, especially those who understand the beauty of the majesty of nature. Conversely, child viewers may find the film less exciting, even the climax may be too terrible for them. Some of the boys in the studio where I watched cried as soon as a wild fight between a group of wild animals took place under the night sky. Because once again — for better or worse — that’s realistic.

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