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🔴 Watch Scifi The Platform (2019) Full Movie Streaming Online

watch scifi the platform (2019) full movie streaming online
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Date: 2020-04-04 03:10:53
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Multilevel place as a picture of the caste system, human nature, hallucinatory protagonists about the figure who has died due to guilt. The Platform has all these familiar elements. But what makes it more than just repetition is the balance of perspective, which is not limited to criticizing the upper class for "eating" the lower class, also observing how the lower classes also "eat" each other. It's just that, in this film, the activity of "eating each other" also takes place literally.

watch scifi the platform (2019) full movie streaming online

The story is about a tower-shaped prison, with an unknown number of levels, at least before entering the third act. All levels are filled with anger and frustration, but when the upper classes are ignited by emotion due to the imperfect appearance of the panna cotta, the lower classes are depressed, because there is a possibility that they cannot eat at all. Getting 100 leftovers is good luck.

Our protagonist, Goreng (Iván Massagué), wakes up at level 48. His cellmate is an old man named Trimagasi (Zorion Eguileor). Don't be surprised to hear the names of the characters that sound like words in Indonesian. Apart from both, there are still Imoguiri (from "Imogiri") to Brambang (Javanese for "onion"). Through the translation of Trimagasi, Goreng (also the audience) learned about the various rules in the prison.

The pulpit question contains food that is served on a level-by-level basis so that the lower the level of a person the less chance of getting a ration, until about the level that changes every month. From the top level that is full of benefits, a prisoner can be moved to the lower level the following month. It is almost impossible to escape from there, even though towards the end, it was revealed that there was actually a way, which eventually provoked the question, "Why did no one think of doing that before?".

The manuscripts made by David Desola and Pedro Rivero were able to detail the rules and systems of the prison, which served as a bond of attention, because together with Fried, we always learn new things that often produce surprises. Plus the powerful pacing game of director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, the dynamics of The Platform is not disturbed at all by its limited limitations.

Beyond the conclusion ambiguity that holds little religious allegory, there is not much room for subtlety in this film. The Platform is not a Parasite, whose exposure to social issues can drown the audience in a prolonged discussion. The Platform is a slap, even a brutal blow that is not to provoke contemplation, but rather awareness of the results of shock.

Grotesque. That impression is immediately felt, when human blood and entrails are shed, through scenes that will satisfy fans of genre films. Evidently, the film won the Midnight Madness category at the Toronto International Film Festival last year. Cinematography directed by Jon D. Domínguez emphasizes madness, including through the use of red lights, which even makes an imaginary sex scene present discomfort.

Regarding the presentation of social class and human nature issues, the film's point of view is fair, unsweetened to satisfy proletarian advocacy activists (simply, this is not "SJW film"), and that is why its perspective appears fresh. It is true that the upper classes refuse to respect those below, consider themselves too high to just say hello. As a result the higher-ups don't know how chaotic the conditions are below. But at the same time, the lower classes are already apathetic, keeping negative sentiments full of generalizations towards the upper classes.

Both parties are only concerned with how to satisfy themselves and controlled by indifference. The upper class refuses to share food, while those below refuse to admit their mistakes and pass them on to those above. "It's all the rich man's fault! If they care, we will definitely not do bad! ", He said. A vicious circle. Finally, when the exchange of roles is done, there is absolutely no change, because what remains is only a desire for revenge and prejudice.

In the midst of a pandemic like now, there was a moment that caught my attention because of its high relevance. Imoguiri (Antonia San Juan), a former manager who voluntarily languished in prison, tried to get other prisoners to ration their food, so that prisoners at the level that get a share. They refused. They do not care about such awareness. But once Fried threatened to urinate on food, they obeyed. Just like our society who do not understand the term "high" like social distancing and such. They need to be persuaded using a simple method with words to the point that emphasizes punishment, or the terrible adverse effects that will befall if they are not obedient.

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