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Date: 2020-04-23 13:36:04
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The Last Dance, the most watched Netflix series ever in our country, has now become a planetary and global media phenomenon that has received acclaim from all over the world. In these five weeks everyone has been waiting on Monday to discover the deeds and secret anecdotes about the biggest basketball team in history: the Chicago Bulls of the nineties. Michael Jordan's team, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, Steve Kerr and Phil Jackson; the team built by the great GM Jerry Krause and its president Jerry Reinsdorf. Therefore, if the attention of these days has been justified, the expectations and expectations have been even higher. We delve into the themes of The Last Dance in our review.

The content produced by Espn was heavily advertised as an unprecedented event, in which all the behind the scenes and behind the scenes of the 1998 Chicago Bulls would be discovered. Conceived by Michael Tollin and directed by Jason Hehir, the series was made available on the streaming platform on April 19, 2020, in advance of the date established due to the COVID-19 emergency. However, it is undeniable that the work has major flaws, in particular due to the way in which it deals with many issues and sporting situations in a unilateral way. In fact, Netflix content was sponsored as a documentary, but everything seems to be nothing but a journalistic product.

The plot - The Last Dance review

The series tells of the last season, the last dance, the last celestial dance of the basketball "team" that has enchanted all fans for an entire decade. He also and above all talks about their leader, the pack leader, the alpha male: Michael Jeffrey Jordan. Fable about their leader: Phil Jackson, also called "the Zen master". He reports of many champions and protagonists, from faithful Bulls like Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman to bitter rivals like Isiah Thomas and Gary Payton. The Last Dance basically tells us about the epic of the rise and fall of this magical team, with an eye to Jordan's parable. In fact, he is the guiding thread of the narrative and everything starts from his dream for the NBA. This goes back to the mythological 1998, the year in which basketball has never been the same without MJ.

Specifically, the sports docu-drama tells us this epic story by dividing it into two timelines. The first, as well as the one that gives the title to the series, concerning the 1997-1998 football season; the second instead goes backwards, taking us with numerous flashbacks back in time in Jordan's life. He illustrates his childhood passion for basketball, his arrival in the NCAA at Dean Smith's court at the University of North Carolina, his arrival in the NBA and his constant improvement as a basketball player. All the failures, illusions and victories of this immortal champion, effigy and idol of the United States at the end of the millennium are passed through, which not only changed the history of a losing franchise, but has shown everyone - opponents and supporters - the its greatness. The Last Dance is therefore a journey into the history of sport, which gives us moments of entertainment and food for thought.
The gap between documentary and hagiography

One of the most obvious aspects that can be seen after watching The Last Dance is certainly its non-documentary structure. The series does not appear absolutely a journalistic product, but takes on the features of a hagiography. All the episodes focus very much and almost obsessively on one character: Michael Jordan. So it does not matter if here and there there are excursions on his teammates and their human value, in the end it all revolves around "His Airness". From this point of view, therefore, the work has a huge flaw: that of raising a player too above the others, although he is the leader. To do so, he decides to lie and upset the story in the first place, sponsoring the hypocrisy and commercial attention of the 23 of the Bulls with respect to the political and social commitment of Muhammad Ali.

In secundis he does not define a man, with his human errors and contradictions, rather he traces the figure of a God. Now, beyond the bar humor or frivolous speeches, the content from this perspective is also non-educational. In fact, in a certain way he justifies and forgives Jordan all his sins: from gambling to being bad with his companions, from his arrogance to his being vindictive. In addition, the version of the facts you listen to is always that of "The Black Cat" and its followers, the main discriminating factor compared to a journalistic production. Thus in disputes the counterparty either appears marginally or is simply absent. In general, therefore, the docu-series tries to present a superman, who is allowed everything in view of victory, who has very few doubts and is surrounded by an aura of papal-like infallibility.

The background and the final inconsistency

Two other are the key themes of The Last Dance that we analyze in this review: the background and the final inconsistency. In the first place, the background is not only an important part of the series, but also the reason for a lot of media expectation. We say it right away: they have absolutely not disappointed. With them you enter more in this stressful carousel that is NBA life, where the players reveal themselves for what they are only behind the scenes. In this way, many secrets are discovered, which differ between gossip, betrayal, revenge, hidden affections and funny anecdotes. Furthermore, they are often important watershed detectors for the Bulls of the nineties, thanks to which you can better understand some decisions and choices of individuals. They are therefore managed wisely, managing to avoid excessive particularism more suitable for fans than for the general public. Secondly, there is the final inconsistency.

As said the product constantly presents an infallible team and an idol above all, a player transcending the concepts of Good and Evil and authorized to dictate "Law" everywhere. However, the castle built around him collapses right at the end, where "The GOAT" proves to be inferior to the divine aura that has surrounded him for all the episodes, showing that he does not accept having retired as a winner. Once again, therefore, the champion thinks he is going to beat father time, but it does not make any discounts. This is how involuntarily - because the final scenes are epic and devoid of the intention to rationalize how long boasted - MJ proves to be human and as such carries all his shortcomings. But this is not enough because the series also wants to leave us with a commandment from the Messiah: "everything starts from hope". This seems the usual motivational phrase of Neflix products, empty and daughter of the redundant American productions.

The last Dance review

Let's proceed with the review of The Last Dance, deepening the technical side of the work. The series is well done technically, with some nice interviews that touch on the main themes of the history of the Bulls of the eighties and nineties. Although the protagonists are the players, all have great stage performance, probably derived from them for years in the spotlight. The direction, although it is a documentary, is also very good and in some cases very particular and interesting. It becomes predominant in the choice of slow motion, close-ups at certain times and in the management of repertoire images, unpublished backstages and comments from professionals. The photography is excellent and the scenography is equally; The soundtrack is also perfect and gives that something more to the series, making it much more attractive in terms of audiovisual entertainment.

A not inconsiderable flaw is represented by the subtitles, which have been affected due to the anticipation of the release. It gave translators little time to research many of the technical terms used and sometimes this led to the use of wrong terms. The assembly is excellent and denotes a great deal of care. The latter allows you to never lose the thread of the events, despite the many time jumps. There is also a particular aspect that perhaps can be grasped more carefully: the technical improvement from episode to episode. The former are a bit more chaotic and sketchy, while in the following we notice a greater balance and planning of the times. Bella also dedicates it in honor of the late Kobe Bryant in the fifth episode: a touching moment.

Final thoughts - The Last Dance review

In the conclusion of our review of The Last Dance we want to emphasize how the film is prefigured as a great work of entertainment but nothing more. This assessment emerges in the light of the publication of the work by Espn and Netflix, who had promised an epic journalistic documentary but still with its objectivity. The series is instead lost in a continuous exaltation of the singles, where the team "we" is only sketched. The narrative scaffold, inclined to identify good and bad, heroes and villains, also testifies to this; all, however, without objectivity and historical awareness, but on the basis of personal, subjective and party expressions of those directly involved. Therefore, an external perspective is missing, capable of recapitulating the facts, reconstructing them and offering different opinions on the controversies. The show, on the other hand, abounds, with an ability to bring the sport to life that had rarely been seen on television.

One advantage of The Last Dance is certainly the popular aspect, which, despite some defaults, always remains constant. However the risky comparisons with documentaries such as Hoop Dreams and When We Were Kings do not stand up to the comparison and the content in question is inferior. Therefore The Last Dance is a spectacular, interesting, popular series on sports, but not a journalistic work. Finally, it is important to highlight how the work embraces too explicitly some questionable values ​​of American culture, winking impudently at a purely economic ideal of human success. Here the Jordan brand and its money machine are exalted as a sort of positional asset, suitable to elevate the social status of an individual.

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