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🔴 Watch Comedy Toni Collette In A Long Way Down (2014) Full Movie

watch comedy toni collette in a long way down (2014) full movie
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Uploaded by: alec
Date: 2020-05-01 15:19:44
Viewed: 76 times - 1 hour, 40 minute, 2 second ago

That the albionic criticism doesn't take it anymore, after all, is also understandable: with the same frequency with which here the emuli of Emis Killa multiply, from their parts explode careers of clean faces invented songwriter, who take turns week after week on the front pages of the magazines and at the top of the charts. "They come out of the fucking walls!" someone said in an epoch-making film - although referring to something slightly different -, "zero out of ten" said in one of his reviews an equally worried NME, who fearful of the explosion of yet another case boiled as the worst possible and imaginable catastrophe l debut of poor Tom Odell.

But let's take a step back, explaining where the blond figure with the naive face and the demodè clothing that appears, with a blurred path that makes brit-pop so much on the cover of this "Long Way Down", comes out. Drawing out a hit triptych from the EP "Songs From Another Love", Odell is launched by Jools Holland earlier this year, winning the prestigious BRITs Critics' Choice Award; then the step that led him to write seven more pieces, for the publication of the first unreleased LP. Those of the good Tom are pieces full of unripe romanticism, winking at the clichés of British songwriting without becoming futile and withered copies; songs that also know how to become crackling and energetic, dribbling the insidious tendency to cry on many peers, all too inclined to drown their melodies in oceans of melancholy.

Odell has a voice that does not lack incisiveness, that knows how to choke in bitter awareness (the impossibility of erasing the scars of a finished love, in the touching "Another Love", the admission of one's own weaknesses and frailties in even more intimate "Sense"), but also knows how to get fuller until it almost screams, sometimes even in leaping pop-songs with a cheerful disposition to the chorus (the single "Hold Me", which manages to make the heads shake despite being indeed slightly cloying, or the resolute "Can't Pretend", also animated by a slightly more raw soul). The protagonist of an instrumental sector for the rest canonical will then be the piano, which the artist uses with transport and efficacy to indulge the emphatic growing of his emotions, moving easily from softly caressing the ivory keys to beating them like a blacksmith.

In the end, unfortunately, the deja-vu emerge in quantity, and tracks such as the inoffensive title track or the final "Sirens" implement such a recycling of ideas that they seem resounding self-plagiarisms. However, we cannot remain indifferent to the spontaneity and the way - sometimes clumsy, sometimes delightful - with which Odell tinges the educated piano-pop tradition with youthful exuberance (we always talk about a class from the 90s). And in the end, in his minutes of a half hour or so, "Long Way Down" leaves no time to be bored, revealing itself as a tidbit far from indigestible.

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