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Date: 2020-05-02 07:43:08
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The Disney + streaming service was recently launched worldwide. Becoming, from the first moments, one of the main rivals of Netflix in the "streaming war", the house of Mickey Mouse, was not long in coming, immediately offering various original contents. One of these is Stargirl, an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Jerry Spinelli, of which we offer you our review. Published in 2000, the novel is placed under the category "Reading for children" and in the same way, this adaptation, shows from the very beginning that it has a rather adolescent tone.

Stargirl tells the story of Leo, a sixteen-year-old boy who has always preferred to stay on the sidelines and not be the center of attention, until he meets a mysterious girl. The film, directed by Julia Hart, represents the debut as an actress of the young Grace VanderWaal, who after winning America's Got Talent in 2016, has seen her singing career launched up to the screens. Between dreamy atmospheres and love songs, Stargirl is a film that succeeds in its aim, but does not go further.

Plot - Stargirl, the review

Leo Burlock is a young boy who does not like being the center of attention. It all starts on the first day of school, when, because of his eccentricity, they tear off his tie, his father's last gift. Left alone with his mother, however, from that day, every birthday, Leo begins to receive a particular tie from an anonymous person. Over the years, the boy does not change his disposition, remaining closed in his circle of friendships, always trying not to catch the eye.

He plays the trumpet, but only with the band, so that people do not notice him, he participates in a school talk show, but only as a cameraman, so as not to arouse too much attention and continues to receive ties, which, however, does not wear and keeps in the closet. All of a sudden, however, with the arrival of a mysterious girl named Stargirl, her life will change. Stargirl is different and is immediately noticed by the school. Become the lucky charm of Mud Frogs, the high school football team and show that you know Leo even before the introductions. Fascinated by Stargirl, Leo will begin to become aware of his life, gradually discovering more and more about the mysterious girl.

The importance of being yourself - Stargirl, the review

On Disney +, under the title of the film, there are four genres: romantic, dramatic, teenage, musical. In Stargirl, there are typical characteristics of each of these genres. Romance is expressed through the love story between the girl and Leo; the musical, through choreography and sung scenes and the drama through the narrative turns. However, what appears to be the dominant component of the film is the adolescent factor. Stargirl, is a film clearly aimed at an audience of children. Looking at the film, in fact, it is easy to notice. Certain relationships develop too simply and the cast is mainly composed of teenagers.

All this, however, is not a defect, on the contrary. Even if the film refers to a specific audience, viewing is not heavy for those who are off target. Stargirl, is not only the love story between two teenagers, but a story of growth. One of the main concepts expressed by the film is knowing how to accept yourself, not be afraid of being different. Leo is a problematic guy who doesn't want to get noticed. Stargirl, on the other hand, is totally the opposite and from the first day she arrives at school, inevitably, it attracts everyone's attention. The girl is the emblem of the message that the film tries to convey. One should not be afraid of being different for fear of the judgment of others, because being oneself is the most important thing. Although there is talk of a film for teenagers for teenagers, the message it conveys is not and manages to reach everyone perfectly.

Technical Analysis - Stargirl, the review

We continue our review of Stargirl focusing on some technical details. If the plot of the film may be uninteresting for some, the technical sector is definitely something else. The protagonist is the emblem of diversity and conveys the concept of being yourself. Precisely for this reason, the girl is always dressed in an extravagant and colorful way, highlighting this side of her. The costumes, in fact, are very well cared for within the film and based on clothing it is easy to guess the personality of a given character. The direction of the film also contributes to creating a dreamy and nostalgic atmosphere.

Watching the film, any teenager will imagine living those same situations, while a more adult spectator will feel nostalgia for that happy and carefree period. This feeling is given not only by the direction, but also by the photography that makes everything very colorful, combining different shades with each other and giving life to a dreamlike atmosphere. A special mention, then, must be made to the soundtrack, whose songs perfectly reflect the emotions of the characters, re-transmitting them to the viewer. Furthermore, everything is made even more effective in musical scenes. Choreographies always see the character of Stargirl at the center, played by an excellent Grace VanderWaal who gives space to her voice with skill.

Final thoughts

Disney +, recently debuted all over the world, but is already depopulated thanks to the large amount of products that make up the catalog. However, to make Netflix what it is today, it was certainly not the products already released, but the originals. From this point of view the Mickey Mouse house is getting busy and after products like The Mandalorian or the recent Lilli and the Vagabondo, a film like Stargirl is what was expected. Stargirl is different from the Disney movies that raised us, but at the same time it maintains that style, sending a really important message which by its nature is perfect for a platform like Disney +.

We conclude our review of Stargirl by reiterating that, of course, we are not talking about a masterpiece. The film is aimed at a specific audience and this is easily seen. The dialogues, at certain times, appear not spontaneous and some events resolve too easily. Nonetheless, however, the film can be appreciated by everyone. In conclusion it can be easily said that Stargirl is the type of film we would have expected from Disney and the type of product we would have expected to find on Disney +. Unfortunately, however, as original it is not so much original, making it one of the weakest in the stock park.

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